May 4, 2009


It is time again to go out and enjoy delicious meals...even during times like these we shouldn't stop pampering ourselves. Spas are fun places and one way to let daily stress slowly dissolve into nothing...dinners are another way to just let go of whatever went wrong at work, at home, in a relationship or friendship...
I love going out for dinner and spoil myself. Spring time is good to start doing this again. In Europe, compared to the US and other regions, prices are just horrendously expensive. However, service is also a bit better (not that I'm saying other countries have bad service...just different, ok?), tax and tips are always included (at least here in Switzerland), and when you pay 40 dollars on a normal dinner (no exclusive caviar involved etc) you, most of the time, get what you pay for. I just came back from one of my favorite restaurants and had a fabulous night.

A romantic getaway...or just a place to chill, and still experience Swiss culture...

I eventually forgot to take pictures of my meal.
It's still time for asparagus over here. All I can say is that it was worth going and spending money. Pampering is just one fantastic way to end a day.

Our little "neighbor"...sitting outside was just a tiny bit too cold, so we got the spring feeling inside, too.

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