May 5, 2009


If I had the time I'd be constantly traveling the world. Today I'd be exploring another city in my country (aka the island of Europe), tomorrow I'd jump on a train towards Italy, the next day I'd take a plane to Spain or even Portugal...then maybe Greece and Turkey and over to Malaysia, the Philippines, Japan and then down to Australia...and after a while I'd take another plane going over to the US again...explore some of the states I haven't been to or should go back to and from there take a boat (how about that?) to the south of this giant continent...visit people in Brazil and Argentina...and then fly back to Europe where I have more to explore and more to learn and from there...well, from there I'd continue my endless search of gratification and adventure.
If I had time...

For right now though I'm satisfied with the knowledge I have and the possibility of a future trip to Barcelona, Spain. I have never been there and always heard fabulous stories about this wonderful city. Its art, culture, and history are just three of so many other things that appeal to me and that I want to learn more from. Not to mention food and wine...

Another trip I've had in mind for quite some time and never came around to make it happen is a trip to Istanbul, Turkey. Oh, I've been to this beautifully located city since I was two. It's home to me. However, home is not necessarily a place you currently live in. It can be, but doesn't have to be. My family's from there, so part of me will always call Istanbul home! I miss its colors, music, food, people, culture, art, history, traffic (yes, even that), smells, skyline...I could go on forever. A trip this year is a must! I have to go. I need to go. It's been too long and an upcoming wedding forces me to go this year. Maybe this is exactly what I need though: going home.

Apparently I have least for these two trips!

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