May 25, 2009

The World Spins Madly On...

Do you like watching people, and then maybe imagine who they are or what they are doing etc? I do. Sometimes. Not every day and not everywhere. Today though, I had fun watching people strolling around town, taking ridiculous amounts of pictures of the same background and people, chatting, arguing, laughing and yelling, holding hands, hugging, eating ice cream and letting it drop onto their shirt, reading a giant book, and eating lunch.
In the middle of it all, me. I was sitting next to a little church facing the water front and yes, watching people. My iPod was on, my still-not-finished book in my hand, sunscreen put all over, lunch already eaten and a water bottle close by...I was ready to experience the inexperienced moments of ordinary life. Loved every single moment. There was this Asian couple trying desperately to take at least five shots of the same background and all but with different gestures, different smiles, and in the end it seemed she wasn't satisfied so they started arguing (at least to me it seemed that way) about the whole picture taking. I thought it was funny. There was also this guy that approached one part of the bridge and then a girl came from the opposite looked like they didn't know each other but soon enough I knew they did though because their hug said it all. Like a tornado there was this red haired woman walking over the bridge. If you wanted to ignore you simply couldn't because her hair color was loud, and just burning...the minute she came down that covered bridge, I saw her enormously big purse had the same color as her hair and her marine-blue striped dress just made the whole outfit look perfect. She glowed. Just perfect. German speaking groups passed by, too. The tour guide tried to explain why this famous bridge is where it's at, and how it was used before, and what's up with the mountain literally sort of hugging the city. Watching groups is even more fun. They are all so very different, and though, still the same. I imagined that one German group going back to their hotel, kicking shoes off and then realizing they had worn socks with sandals. Yes, sock with sandals. To some of you this may be the most natural thing ever, but to me it is just disgusting. I can't stand it. I want to stop those people, grab their sandals, Birkenstock, slip ons, you-name-it, and just rip the socks off and tell them that sandals and socks aren't made for one another. It's practically against nature. At least to me. I might have to mention that we had temperatures in the lower 90s today and sandals, flip flops, just anything casual was mainly a must. At least for me having a day off and for anyone else traveling or being in the city. Watching people was fun, just not when it came to the sock-and-sandal part. Lunch slowly tried to make its way back to where it came from. No further comment there. Needless to say, the day was fun...entertaining, stimulating, full of new stories, and yes, did I mention I booked the trip to Barcelona?!

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