May 29, 2009


It's Friday and to most of you it's the last day of this week and tomorrow the weekend starts again. To me, it's just an ordinary day. A day I am not looking forward to. Ok, so far it's been a good day. I slept in, watched some dull TV show while working out, had my cup of coffee and had no work-related outburst. The latter one might happen today, or might not. I'm hoping for the NOT but you never know. My wonderfully friendly co-worker pissed me off yesterday and it seems as if this has become a routine...Thursdays and Fridays she pisses me off. Nice. At least I know what comes along and what I have to prepare myself with. One thing I want to share is that as much as I want to see the good in her all I get to see and feel and well, hear, is the bad. So true. So sad. Her little paranoia outburst yesterday had to do with a computer background picture. Can you believe this? Most computers already come with background pictures, so if users want to add some flair to a very dull blue given background they can enhance their computer with yellow tulips, deserts, other flowers, sunsets, etc etc etc... One of our other co-workers was fed up with a very ugly pink picture and changed it. I don't mind, we don't get to see that picture anyhow...we have programs open and their windows cover the background so it really isn't bothersome to me and shouldn't bother anyone else either. It did bother her. I wonder why. She doesn't even use that particular computer so why does she get upset? I wonder. She never uses that other computer and so she should let go of her suppressed emotions and crabby attitude. If she says anything today about that subject or any other banal thing that doesn't even need a talk I am going to lose my mind. I might even get to the point of telling her how awful she's been and what a drag it is to work with her...if that is what you want to call it. We don't work together, we just work with her for like 5 minutes which is the worst ever.

Wish me luck. I'm so going to need it.

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