July 11, 2010

Good Day!

Hello everyone.

I'm back from London.
It was such a lovely week. Away from everything including stress, hot weather, rude people, weird faces, etc.
We had a ton of fun, enjoyed walking through the city, exploring new alleys to walk through (instead of those big and massively clogged streets), eating traditional fish'n'chips, shopping (!!!!!!!, a must when you travel with me), people-watching, and just being away.
Food in general was okay, breakfast was kinda funny (how come people eat this much crap in the morning?!, it doesn't last long and it makes you bigger than normal...oh well), lunch/brunch and dinner was always chosen wisely and we found neat little places...just not the Chinese Place with wanted to go to...so we skipped it. :( I wanted to buy postcards and send them or at least keep them and send them later once I'm back in normal life but failed to do so. It literally pissed me off. Then again it's just postcards and we all live with or without one landing in our mailbox. I didn't inform my aunt I was in town. Not sure why. Then again, I thought it was my mom's duty to do so and not mine. She hasn't seen her in 13 years, I saw her last time I was in London. So I didn't call her, and well, neither did my mom. :(

As this wasn't my/our first time in London we didn't do the traditional touristy things.
We wanted to see or do whatever was new or we couldn't do last time, spend as little money as possible (yeah right!), and just end up spending a good time in the city.
Two museums were visited (Modern Tate Museum, and the British Museum *picture below*), tons of shops were searched for and found and well...money was spent. ;) I even got myself a new raincoat!! Nothing too fancy but it's a raincoat and even though it's been extremely hot I want rain to appear soon *kidding...I love the heat!!!!*, but yes, bring it on 90+ degrees!!! Woohoo!

Great Court, with a lattice thin-shell roof by...Image via Wikipedia

The only thing that bothers me is that I wasn't in the mood for any pictures...I did take pictures, don't get me wrong, but during this week I wasn't fully into this "looking-like-a-tourist-all-the-time"-phase. I walked around, I was astonished and shocked (so much construction is going on in the city it's incredible and incredibly annoying!!), and I always ended up washing my black feet in the sink. Twice. Nice!

Oh yeah, on Thursday night the fire alarm went off in the hotel. A few minutes after midnight. I was fast asleep. Yes, already. Needed it. Didn't need the alarm to go off though. So, literally woken up in the middle of the night, not knowing where left or right was or what the hell was going on, we grabbed our bag (this was an awesome reminder of how practical I am and keeping everything in one place) and headed down six floors with approximately 2600 other people out onto the street. In our PJ's of course. Some even managed to get dressed. I managed to get my comfy hoodie, my purse with all things necessary (ID, money, credit cards, cellphone, charger and camera) and yes, a bottle of water. I sat down across the hotel and waited. If I was a smoker I would have smoked a pack or something. Instead, I had to look at half naked people, scared kids, a little spider walking on the ground and lots of tired faces. After over an hour the fire trucks left and we were able to go back in. What had happened?! Nothing. That's what we were told. I have three explanations for this...
  1. someone was smoking, or trying to put more than necessary spray onto their hair
  2. drunk kids thinking the fire alarm knob was the door handle
  3. a false alarm
The third one is the most probable one. This can happen and is annoying but it's what it is.
I doubt that drunk kids were having a hard time finding the door handle but ya never know. And the alarm going off for no reason has happened at my work place, too, so it is possible. Just not fair when it's midnight.

The City of LondonImage via Wikipedia

Despite the night action that one night my trip was nice. I would have loved to stay one week at the beach somewhere and soak up the sun, but then again, it was a very intriguing and pleasant city trip. Love London!!

Pictures will follow soon.
Just haven't uploaded them yet.
My Internet still plays funny games with me...maybe it's the heat, or the fact that firefox sucks, or something else?! Help. Oh well.

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend...full of fun, sun, and laughter.
It's time for laundry, and time to start the day early even though it ended late celebrating like crazy.
ESPANA won the World Cup and as you can guess I'm more than just excited. I'm super stoked and happy it's not even normal anymore. So excuse my enthusiasm for a bit but I'm definitely wearing red/yellow/red! Love the country and their soccer team!!!! :) For more than just one reason!

Happy Monday.

♥ Selma ♥


Meghan said...

Ahhh! London! My uncle just moved there and I am dying to go visit! It sounds like you had a great time, despite the false alarm! Can't wait to see more pics!

Aura. said...

As annoying as that fire alarm was in real time, it will probably be the best story/ clearest memory of your trip! :)

samnhal said...

I'm glad that you had a fun trip. London seems like such an amazing city. I'm excited to see pictures when you can upload them so I can once again live through you and your travels. But only a week and a half until I get to travel!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

What hotel did you stay at? I love London! I'm glad you had a great time. Sorry about your fire alarm night though, that would be scary!

JMay said...

Love ESPANA, so glad they won too ;-)

Glad you had fun in London town!


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