July 30, 2010

Fill in the blank...

It's Fill in the Blank Friday again. Thank you, Lauren, for giving us a chance to do this...it's a great way to look forward to any Friday! :) Yay!
And I just got home from a very long day at work, an irritating and annoying new system, a quick stop at Starbucks *hello frappuccino*...and now I'm here...so excuse my weird answers... ;)

1.  The last thing I do before going to sleep is    turn off the light.

2.  When I can't sleep I   toss and turn, try to "dream" which hardly ever happens...and then well, when I can't sleep I get up and watch TV or read. Has worked so far .

3.  The first thing I do when I wake up is  pee, and then shower (unless I don't have to go to work right away or have a day off, then the shower can wait a little longer...I may then go back to bed. I may be awake but this doesn't mean that I'm staying away from my bed) .

4.  When I'm tired I   get cranky, and extremely quiet. Sometimes I also get extremely chatty, too.

5.  My dream bedroom would be   all eggshell whites with splashes of turquoise and purple, a huge bed with fluffy pillows/comforter. Skyline pictures all over. A huge window and a patio/balcony that offers me the best view ever, preferably of the ocean or part of the city and the ocean at once. I would have a separate entry to my very own closet, too. Big enough for everything...with mirrors, and all. Plus, a little reading section is a must in my bedroom too, next to another window. A giant bathroom *eggshell white tiles with turquoise polka dots or something like that*, two sinks, a huge bathtub, and a shower. It just needs to look cozy and clean, nothing too stylish or too much just enough so I can be proud of my room.

6.  If I could wake up anywhere tomorrow morning it would be   somewhere warm, cozy, quiet, with a butler waiting to serve some awesome breakfast overlooking the ocean. :) I don't care where it's at, just as long as I am there....

7.  The longest sleep I've ever had was   about 14 hours straight, after jet lag hit me bad. Years ago but I still remember it so clearly because I did not hear any of my alarm clocks, and back then I had four of them. It threw me off and just irritated me.

8.  I sleep on my   right side, sometimes left side, all curled up in fetus position.

9.  When I sleep, I like to wear    cotton PJ pants and a top that goes with the pants.

10.  My bedtime is usually   something between 9.30pm to 2am. It all depends on how I work. If I need to get up at 5 in the morning I end up going to bed earlier, if I work till 11pm I can't go to bed right away when I get home unless an early shift awaits me the next day. And if it's my day off/vacation time...I may end up in bed around 10 or midnight, or later or earlier...haha...see?! Can't even come up with a proper bedtime answer!!

For more fun answers, hop on over to Lauren's the little things we do... and join the fun. :)

Hope you're all having a fabulous Friday.
The sun came out again, so I'm definitely happy!!! :)

♥ Selma ♥


Nicole Bingham said...

Love your blog, seriously so cute! Please follow me so I can follow you!
Thanks, Nicole Mariana

angela.kolachny said...

your dream bedroom sounds beautiful! I would love one just like that too:o) enjoy your weekend love!

Meghan said...

I totally need to re-create your dream bedroom!!!

Katie said...

I love how your bedtime spans like 5 hours haha


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