July 17, 2010


I started writing this post Thursday night, then parts of it were deleted. Then I tried to start again on Friday and skipped the publishing. Just didn't feel like posting anything or writing or venting or smiling or whatever. Just didn't. It's one of those days again that just make me feel miserable. Not sure why. I'm not happy. At all. Everything I start goes down the tube. Everything I would love to do is impossible. So I think at least. I lost the drive to go for whatever I want. Is it my age?! Is it telling me to settle down or something? How?! When? With whom?! Grammar people just ignore false grammar in this post. Thanks. *I'm a grammar person too but just can't deal with perfectness*

I need something to look forward to. Heck, you'd think I was in London and had a great time and all, so why do I feel this way?! I'm blessed to a certain extend, and I admit that fact. Yes. But this doesn't mean I'm happy. It's like the saying "money doesn't make you happy" or something like that. Not that I'm rich *sometimes I wish*. I just don't feel happy at this very moment. At all.

To make me smile though I found this clip...it sure does the trick. It's a commercial shown on TV here and as silly as it may be I like it. Again, from that grocery store that brought the commercial with the chicken!! ;)

Time to make me smile:

Silly commercial, weird pig but when it does its major slow-motion turn I have to laugh. I'm a nerd, yes, alright. :(

It's Saturday...and what am I going to do!?
I'm going to stay home.
All by myself. Miserable me and TV.
How exciting is this?!
It's awful.

I'd be rather going out with friends or looking at gorgeous websites with fashion advice, new make-up, flowers, awesome recipes, tips and tricks to enhance life when life hits the lower and sadder moments...but nope...I'm at home, doing nothing. Then again, I'm writing. I always say writing helps and at some point it's true. When I was younger I had this diary. I used to write down thoughts I had. No matter what I was going through I wrote it all down. I found this diary of mine and was appalled on how many times I felt unhappy. Granted, I was a teenager back then and it's known that teenagers tend to over exaggerate things and make just everything seem so dramatic. However, some of those thoughts and feelings I still have today. 346 years later. Drama never leaves. It's part of our life I guess. Mine for sure.

Will I have a good weekend?!
I hope so.
Until I find my very own happiness and can post happier posts...
...have a brilliant weekend everyone.

Smile if you can.
I'm trying to do the same!

♥ Selma ♥


Malin said...

Hope your day gets better!! Keep smiling :)

Katie said...

hahahaha what a silly commercial! thanks for sharing, I got a good early morning laugh in :)

Have a great day!!!

-Katie :)

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Aw, I'm sorry that you're not happy right now. I hope things get better.

Lacey in the City said...

It's hard sometimes, I know. Do you have many friends in Luzern? How long have you been there now? I still get lonely here in NY pretty frequently. I try to force myself on those days to go for a walk or head to the river or just do SOMETHING.

Sending happy thoughts your way.

Meghan said...

I hope your weekend brought you much happiness and stillness of heart!

Mara said...

haha that clip is so cute! I hope you're feeling better and had a great weekend!

samnhal said...

That commercial was awesome. Kitties are so devious. I'm bummed that you've been having a sad time. It sounds like you need a change. That's how I felt when we found out we didn't get our Peace Corps nomination for the time slot we wanted. I hate that so much, when you feel like you're going with what's right and then everthing gets mixed up and you just think "why? I thought I was following the plan" I don't know if that makes sense...yeah, so change helps sometimes, it does give you something to look forward to. We've been toying with the idea of getting a new apartment. Can't make up our minds though.


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