July 15, 2010

Smell Me

Recently I discovered that wherever I travel I end up with a new perfume.
You would have thought I learned this years ago but no. I'm as clueless as ever when it comes to my own personal taste. I know I have tons of perfume bottles, some are empty and others are half full or new because the old bottle got empty and I loved the whole thing. :)

New smells inspire me, lift me up wherever I go and just make me feel happy!
Here are my favorite ones...forever. I always have a bottle of each one at home.
*yes, I know, I'm obsessed!*

My love for this perfume started when I was 17 and walking into Harrods in London.
They gave me a sample and I just fell head over heals.
Ever since this love of mine is stronger than ever...and no other Cabotine worked for me. Just this one.

My second love. Started when I was 18 in New York.
Do I need to say more?!

My third love is Allure by Channel. Started when I was 19.
I had read about it and wanted to try it. Never found it and if, no tester was available.
At the airport in Istanbul I discovered it and well, fell in love.
Luckily late that year I got a gift certificate from a dear friend of mine *thank you S!* and that one I used on my b-day to buy me this classic perfume.

My fourth love name's is Very Irresistible, and it all started when I was 22.
I wanted it then so badly. It was way too expensive.
My aunt told me to buy it because "you live only once and it's just sad to ignore beauty like this". 
I simply couldn't afford it. But, when I entered Macy's a week later they had a special sale going on and I couldn't resist any longer. Besides, it was cheaper than what I would have paid in Europe.
And it got me through a humid Florida wedding in February that year, too.

My spring love for the past two years.
It was a birthday gift and I took it with me when I left for Berlin.
I only use it during spring and early summer...around April/May and June.

My fall love for the past two years!
I only use it in October/November and only in the afternoon or at night. 
It reminds me of Paris, Freiburg, and Berlin in the fall.

Believe it or not, but this one I got here in Switzerland.
While watching Gossip Girl this perfume was the sponsor of the show *at least here in Europe*, and so it got me thinking and dreaming...and then I went out and tried it. Loved it and bought it. 

Couldn't find a better picture.
This beauty and I met last year in Barcelona.
I love its shape, its perfect color and smell!
Besides, it reminds me of a fantastic city, an awesome summer time, and just fun!

Now you may wonder...what comes next?!
One thing you have to know is I don't go out and just look for a new scent.
I don't travel just to find a new bottle of perfume.
I go out, shop, and if I happen to stumble upon something I like I try it and then buy it.
Too many times in my young life have I been silly enough to let things go, even the smallest possible ones...and the bigger ones, too. Too many times have I told myself to wait and see, and then ended up regretting the wait. SO, I started telling myself that if I like something and want it and definitely come up with the "I need it, too!" part...then I'm going to buy it, unless it's ridiculously expensive and I can skip the purchase and really look for something more affordable. That's also why I don't have an iPhone yet, nor a cute Coach bag, nor....okay, enough about that. So yes, what comes next?!
At the airport in London I came across the following perfume...didn't buy it though.
Do I regret it?!
A little.
But it's okay.
If you thought this is a lot of bottles and all...don't worry I have more . ;)
Did I mention I was crazy about perfumes? You bet I am!!!

All pictures via www.perfumezilla.com and google images.
Not that I buy my bottles online. Would be horrible not to try it out on my skin first!

Now to you my lovely readers?!
Do you have a favorite one?
One that reminds you of something or someone?
Or do you hate it all together?
I'm curious!!!


♥ Selma ♥

P.s. and yes, I'm slacking when it comes to my own pictures... :( 


♥ Katinka said...

Tommy Girl is my FAVOURITE! I've been using it since I was 17 I think. Its awesome! good choice :)

Have a great day (it cooled down a little. yay) :)

Kelly said...

I loooooove Tommy Girl too!! It brings me right back to my high school days :-) My husband (who I dated back then) found a big bottle of Tommy and we had a good time laughing about us in high school ;-)

Another few of my faves are Victoria's Secret PINK and Ralph Lauren Romance.

Happy Friday Eve, Selma!! :-)

Lacey in the City said...

I LOVE Issey Miyake, but normally only wear it at night and during the cooler seasons. My Spring/Summer fave is Kai...it's very fresh, like gardenia, and oh boy do I love it!

This was such a fun post!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

There's one I love called Desdunda.

Swissy said...

Hey there girl, I know the Allure and I looooove it. Also Tommy Girl. My current (I write current because I also always get some new ones I suddenly like, hehe) favourite is ChloƩ (au de parfum).You know the one with the bow :) (so cute). And my all time fav. are Burberry weekend (alwys get compliments when I wear it) and Mademoiselle from Chanel. Yummy :)

Meghan said...

I am a sucker for Chance by Chanel! Its definitely my go-to!

Kinsey Michaels said...

Midnight Poison sounds like a really fun sexy scent for fall, I'll have to check that one out. Fun post!

samnhal said...

My favorite? Betsy Johnson. I love it so much. I wore it on my wedding day. Actually, as we were leaving the wedding site it fell out of my wedding dress bag. It didn't break, but the pump doesn't work, but you can still get some out. I like perfumes, they seem so classy. My mother in law can't handle the smells though so I have to be careful about when I wear it. My brother in law got my very sexy from victoria secret for my birthday. He loves it lots. It smells good, but not as good as betsy johnson. My husband uses Hugo Boss and I adore it.

Jessica Weingarten said...

Allure by Chanel is one of my favorites! Your blog is so adorable too, I'm definitely following you now :)


Blicious said...

great pics!!!

i am wearing Chloe now. i always change. :)

Danielle said...

Marc Jacobs signature scent & Rain. I also LOVE Bobbi Brown's beach & bath.

Anonymous said...

This is great! I only have Allure but I have also started buying and collecting perfume! They just look so fantastic in those fancy bottles, no?


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