July 19, 2010

Spitalian, what?!

So, life's been a bit boring.
No?! It better.
I stayed home, all weekend long.
Didn't do much but sleep, work out a little, read, dream about possible new travel adventures, and watch TV.
Yes, call me a couch potato.
You are right, I'm a total nerd.
This is not normal.
However, I'm doing fine.
Maybe not great, but at least I'm doing okay.
It could be worse.
It could also be better.
I've tried to keep myself busy or at least slightly occupied.
With what?
Spanish. Turkish. German.

I hadn't read a book in German for about five years if not longer.
It was tough. Still is.
My Turkish needs major improvement. I hate my accent.
I hate the fact that I lack grammar or vocabulary.
I get by, but that's about it.
My family claims my knack for languages comes naturally and I'm a language genius.
So not true.
So impossible.
Plus, how has this helped me?!

Spanish is my new passion.
I confuse it with Italian a lot but it's okay.
I should come up with a new language...Spitalian?!

Upon questioning my moves, future, past, whatever I learned about myself a lot.
I know I'm not perfect.
I'm glad I'm not.
Things could be better.
But they also could be worse.
I'm doing okay.
Trying to work things out but tend to postpone tons of important stuff.
Now I'm lost.
I'm old, single, bored, lonely, sad, sometimes happy, on a diet to finally get down a few pounds (when you're sad, you just eat tons of unhealthy but yummy food), miserable, pathetic (I can only call me that!), and a lot of other things I don't have time to mention right now.

I've also wasted six years of my life.
How the hell did that happen?!
Life did.
But without me.
Did I think it would stop just because I don't know my way around it?!
Who knows.
I don't.
So what did happen?!
Or what didn't?!

Either way, I'm going back to my Spanish book...
...works starts on Wednesday again.
Not looking forward to it.
So not.
I'm counting down the days.
And if you have a job to offer me, please feel free to do so.
I'm lost.
Ok, where's my book?!

Happy Monday.

♥ Selma ♥


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