July 22, 2010

Thursday Love

Thursday crept up on me.
My first day of work *after 18 days of no work at all* was okay.
Couldn't decide what to wear, couldn't decide what to think of that day...but I survived and that's all that counts.
The only drawback during the entire day was the heat. It's been scorching hot lately (which I love by the way) but to work during this heat and keeping cool at the same time...not easy. ;)
Things that kept me "cool" during the day:
  • one full gallon of water *yes, I drank it all*
  • a new fan next to my desk *no AC at all in the building or at home*
  • summer music from the local radio station
  • knowing my shift would be over in nine hours
Nothing exciting but at least I survived. I feel just misplaced at work, and so not appreciated. Not what you want when you're working. At all. It's what scares me every single time I wake up and need to get ready. However, there are always things to dream about and get inspired by...here's what keeps me going lately...from TV shows, to fashion, food, and leisure...

all pictures via we ♥ it unless otherwise stated

Time for me to get started again...with the day and later on with work.
So gonna grab something cold on my way to work. :)

Have a terrific Thursday!
Can't believe how fast this week went by.

♥ Selma ♥


Crazy Shenanigans said...

That first day of work is always the hardest! How do you get so much time off? Lucky!

Lacey in the City said...

Have a great Thursday!! I will be replying to your email soon...it's been a whirlwind around these parts, and now I think I'm getting sick - ugh! But I was so touched to have received personal correspondence from you, and I will certainly be writing back to you about every bit of it. Until then, be well, and keep on smiling girl.


Meghan said...

Just know that we here in the blogosphere appreciate you! Hope you have a great day!

mrsashcake said...

LOVE the barefootin picture! So relaxing! :)


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