July 2, 2010

Friday; it is Funny and it is Fill in the blanks...

Keeping Up With Kelly & Co

Friday Funny and me normally are good friends...for the past few weeks, heck months, we haven't really been the best of friends and I'm kinda sad about this. I mean, come on, who doesn't like funny moments or moments to look back that brought a smile onto our faces?! I sure do. However, it's been though.

Well, I was bored at some point this week and decided to surf the web and find some fun in life...even with previews. And then I found the following one...canNOT wait for this movie!
The video might just be huge, so I apologize...I can't seem to make it smaller. I know how, but it won't let me. So much for Friday and its weekly madness.
Enjoy it!!

I sure will be laughing a lot!!! :)

And on another note...Katie cracked me up this week, too.
Just with THIS post.
Thank you for that!!!!

So hop on over to Kelly's blog and join the fun of Friday Funny.

Then of course, I'm lazy and don't want to blog twice a day...here's the all-weeker...Lauren's Fill in the Blank. :)

1.  This weekend for The 4th of July I'll be   celebrating a little, watching soccer (yes!!), and leaving for London! :)

2.  Fireworks are     boring. Yes, they can be quite "beautiful" but all in all they are a little overrated.

3.  Nothing says summer like     hot summer nights *preferably out with friends*, eating ice cream and strawberries at night, wearing sandals or no shoes all day long, walking on sand and looking for a light breeze to cool off...and yes, city trips!

4.  My favorite summer memory is  when we went to Yosemite and stayed for one full week. It was hot, and it was cold and I woke up at 6am every single day. Wonder what hit me then, but all I remember is I wanted to start bright and early and enjoy the day to the fullest. Yay on that energy of mine.

5.  My favorite thing about summer is     lounging in the sun, eating outdoors at every meal possible, walking around in comfy clothes (summer clothes are comfy clothes!), and the fact that it doesn't get dark or cold until late.

6.  Summer in a word is    awesome! *yes, couldn't think of a more appropriate word*

7.  If I could choose to have summer or winter year round I'd pick    summer. Not with heatwaves in the 90s and 100s, but with constant 75 degrees and a light breeze from time to time...and if it cools down to 60...I don't mind either. Just nothing below that .
Loved this one!
Bring it on summer.
It's going to be 90 degrees today...oh yes. A few weeks ago I was complaining about how cold and wet it was and why summer ditched us and look at us now?! We're sweating our butts off...haha. I love it. I'm not complaining. It's summer!!! YES!!!!

So, happy July everyone and happy Friday!


♥ Selma ♥


Jenna said...

I would definitely pick to have summer all year round too! haha.. hope you have a great 4th of july weekend! :)

Sam said...

75 degrees with a light breeze would be amazing weather year-round. I wish it were that right now and not constantly in the 90s!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

I had no idea they were doing another movie!

Katie said...

I hope I can watch some fireworks,... but Iwill be home alone and that seems sorta depressing!

Amanda said...

Ooh...have an amazing time in London!! :) I only spent a weekend there once while I was living in France, but it kind of captured a small part of my heart!

Kelly said...

Ahhh, I can't wait for that movie too!! It's going to be great :-) Have fun in London, Selma!! Super jealous here!!


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