July 26, 2010

Happy Weekend Everyone

It's Monday I know. My weekend just started though. :)

Summer has a weird way to show its true face.
First, it seems summer never wants to make its way to this place.
Then, finally here, it's ridiculously hot and so not humid (and I wish it was humid, because my skin's so dry these days! - however, it gives me a chance to use my new lotion I so adore!!).
And now?! Summer's fallen in love with fall I guess. It has cooled down a lot and just doesn't seem to get warm enough for sandals and summer clothes. It's only July! Doesn't summer know fall starts maybe in late September?! ;) Don't fall for fall summer, it's not worth it (yet!).

I'm freezing my butt off.
At some point last week I was seriously considering wearing my fall jacket...not something I want to put on now but if it's cold it's cold. And being sick and stuck at home is not an option at my work place, so even with a heavy head, fever and such I would have to show up. AND that is not my thing. Can't work and be sick at the same time. Just can't. Did it a million times and it wasn't fun. Don't ask yourself why we can't take off when we're sick...it's just sad. We can't. Simple as that. Tragic, too!

So, here's a few things that make me happy.
And if summer sees these...please come back?!  Thanks!!

My daily moisturizer. Loving it!
Jacqua's buttercream frosting foot cream is a must these days!
Oh, do I miss PCH!
Why is it so darn far away?!!????
 Just had one of these earlier today.
Even though it was a bit chilly outside I just refused to drink something hot.

Happy Monday everyone! :)

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♥ Selma ♥


Neely said...

Id kill for chilly weather!

Lacey in the City said...


Sorry that it's gotten chilly there! I don't wish humidity upon anyone though! This morning in New York has been so nice - mid 70s with low humidity, it reminds me that I do love this city so much. Sometimes the gross mugginess of summer gets to me and I just want to get the heck out of here and head home to California! But I know you know that sentiment all too well :) I also can't muster a hot beverage in the summer...I loved my iced soy chai this morning :)

Hope you are having a great day inside with the rain!


Meghan said...

I love those adorable summer images! We definitely need to salvage what is left!

Hope you enjoy your weekend!!!

Katie said...

Love CA! And the coast!

♥ Katinka said...

Happy Monday to you too! I pretty much accomplished nothing today!!!!! :)

Sasha B. said...

haha pch is right by me! that picture of the sign is so cute tho. i loveee jergens. it works wonders!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Sorry that it's cooled down there! Ahhh, I miss the PCH.


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