January 7, 2011

Happy Friday!

One week of 2011 has passed...have you enjoyed it?!
I hope you did.
Whether or not you were stuck in bed being sick, working or studying again, chilling like me, or slowly trying to get back to normal after some terrific New Year's Eve party! ;) Yes, some people still have a hangover...not me though. ;)

In honor of Friday I'm going to do Lauren's Fill in the Blank Friday today.
I haven't done this in a while. Kinda getting excited about this. :)
Here we go:

1.   Winter is    cold and miserable. No matter where you live. :) The only good thing about it is Christmas!!!! :)

2.  Summer is   bright, fresh, hot, and colorful!!!! If it was up to me I'd have summer all year round (with some occasional chilly days of course!).

3.  If it were summer instead of winter right now I'd   be swimming in the pool, going to the beach more often, eating more fruit salad, having BBQ time with friends and would be enjoying my favorite season of all. ;)

4.  My favorite thing to do in winter is    drink hot chocolate, curl up on the couch under a cuddly blanket, watch TV, read books, and be just super comfy in all my layered clothes!!!

5.  My favorite thing to do in summer is      hang out with friends, and staying out late and not having to worry about a jacket (even at 10pm). 

6.  The ideal outfit for a sunny summer day is    something comfy that gives me this beachy feeling all day long, sandals or flip flops and of course sunglasses.

7.  The ideal outfit for a frigid winter day is   thick tights, and lots of layers... a funky sweater, a hat, and some colorful gloves. Just thinking about it makes me shiver!!!! .

I'm gonna live the next two weeks beautifully!!!!

Hope you are having a fabulous Friday and a fantastic weekend.
Any fun plans ahead?

I'm going to celebrate a friend's birthday this Saturday!


♥ Selma ♥


Amy Rene said...

This fill in the blank made me really want summer! I can't stop thinking about being warm and swimming right now.

Krystal said...

It sounds like you are so happy and having so much fun! Also, not having to worry about a coat sounds SO GOOD right now!

Jessi said...

Hello! Happy 2011!
I'm slowly but surely making my rounds catching up on everyone's blogs, as I've been MIA lately! Love the new background... you may have had it for awhile, but it's new to me ;)
Happy weekend!
xoxo J

Norwegian Phoenix said...

Stopping by from Fill In The Blank Friday. I'm now following you, hope you'll follow me back at:


Norwegian Phoenix said...

I've chosen you as a recipient of the Stylish Blogger Award. Go here to redeem your reward:


Lula said...

1. Winter is cold and miserable. No matter where you live. :) The only good thing about it is Christmas!!!! :)


Juliana said...

What a fun post Selma. I sure have missed you babe. I hope all has been well. I look forward to getting caught back up again .oxoxox

Amy said...

I love this! And I can't believe it's already the weekend...woohoo! Happy Friday, and have a fabulous weekend :)

Jess said...

Happy New Year, Selma! Hope you're having a great 2011, and glad you're enjoying your time on the west coast!

Meghan said...

I think I only love winter for the very reasons you described - I love tea, blankets and comfy clothes!

Jenny DB said...

So I take it you're not a big fan of winter?? :-)

OceanDreams said...

you and me both are going to enjoy this CA weather. i'm headed back Sunday as well so we can give each other moral support as we readjust. xoxo!


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