January 18, 2011

Sunny Fun

Yes, it's been beautifully sunny over here and NO, I'm not rubbing it in your face. Not even a little. ;)
We've been having great weather...I'm sorry for everyone else trying to drive or walk through snow and ice and all...I feel with ya. I seriously do because believe it or not next week I'm going to be doing the same exact thing. So not looking forward to it, but it's what it is. :(
It's been so gorgeous I want to wake up every day at 6 and go out for a run or walk or something. However, I sprained my toe last week and I'm in pain...so I have to wait a little longer until I get back to my own healthy self. ;)

So, instead of waking up at 6 I wake up at 8, catch up on some shows, have breakfast, and then go out for a walk. I either stroll around a mall, read a book on a bench, look at palm trees, play with dogs, watch a movie, pick up my friend from work, shop, or just chill...but it's always outside! :) YES. I'm glad I'm over here, walking in my sandals or flip flops in January. To get the winter feeling we went to a snow area whereas I was expecting cold temperatures...temps are colder, yes, but still warm for me. 65 degrees is not cold, even when snow is around. Sorry everyone but I did not bundle up as much. ;)

Life's good to me.
I'm happy again.
And this is what counts, no?
As crazy and banal as it may be it's the truth and I literally look forward to every day.
Let's hope I take some of that positive energy with me, and work on my future so I can say "every day is a perfect day!!!! - no matter how awful it all may be". Keep your fingers crossed. :)

I'm gonna miss it. Big time.
There are no words. I have no words.
So I let go and leave you all with this....

Happy Tuesday everyone.

Hope your week goes as planned, and for me goes super super slow.


♥ Selma ♥


Annie said...

i'm glad to hear everything in life is just peachy for you right now!! :)
i'm jealous of your weather! enjoy it hun!!

samnhal said...

I will wish that it goes really slow of you, so you can cherish your last moments that you have here for a little while. Maybe Switzerland will have a warm spell when you get back?

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Yay! That's great that you're happy and doing great. When do you head back? be safe!

Simply Me said...

I know I haven't caught up on your blog for a while but looks like you're in ma town ..you're in LA right ? As for the sun well it was a 86 degrees on Sat ..sometimes I really wish it snowed here too atleast for a week in winter ..
but so good to hear you're having a whale of a time :)
How long are you here ?

Meghan said...

Your days sound incredible! I am so glad you're having a wonderful time!

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

We have been having...rain!! I am just a tad jealous!! ;)


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