January 25, 2011

So, here's the thing...

...I'm way too lazy.
Here, I said it. I admit it to everyone so no one's left out and surprised if at some point in life we bump into each other and I tend to keep it simple and play lazy. It's how I roll - most of the times. Not always, and not while I'm working. Laziness can be good too. It's not an entirely bad thing. Yes, you read right. I believe in being lazy as a good thing because it helps you relax, regain sanity (almost wrote insanity!! Ok, Selma!!! Get your thoughts together!), rest, dream, think, and stay healthy (in the calm way - because let's be frank, no one wants to have a heart attack by 32 or 40 or earlier, or ever!!!). 

What I would like to share with you today is not much.
It's more a little list of what goes through my mind. No real pictures (sorry guys, I'm working on it!), no stories (maybe a few), just merely blablablahhhhs from my end of the world.
I'm readjusting again which feels incredibly surreal. Wasn't I just walking in 80-degree weather, looking at the sunset at Laguna Beach, having a fantastic time with friends and family, and now?! Who am I?! Where am I?! It's very weird. I have no desire to leave the house at the moment which is very bad. I mean, I want to especially when I'm wide awake at six in the morning.  However, it's so cold outside all I want to do is stay inside and stay warm. My brain needs to adjust to a new language again. One I barely spoke in the last two months. I need a dictionary!!!!

So, what's happening this week?! Here's my list of favorite things:
  • Sleeping
  • Doing laundry
  • Drinking out of my new mug my friend gave me before I left!!!
  • Looking at pictures and remembering good times
  • Listening to music
  • Catching up on blog reading
  • Catching up on friend's updates
  • Getting my stuff together...so I can sit down and work on my future
  • Taking bubble baths (haven't for over two months! It's about time!!!!)
  • Writing Thank-You notes, and New Year's Cards (or so!) because I failed to work on my Christmas cards!!!!
  • Finding the perfect birthday gift *due 2/28*
  • Finding the perfect wedding gift *due 4/1 - and no, it's not a joke!*
Anyone has any ideas on what to get someone for a wedding?!
They don't do the registration thing...and they're also about to welcome a little bundle of joy sometime this (late) spring. So, I'm quite a loss right now.
The birthday thing I sort of have figured out. I just have to find and buy it. It's all about FASHION. :) But of course, if you have suggestions I'm more than happy to read them. :)

Happy Tuesday!!!

I'm going back to sleep now! :)


♥ Selma ♥


Courtney said...

eep, i'm bad with wedding gifts. photo albums are always good - can you find a nice chic one somewhere? with the wedding and the baby they'll have plenty of use for it!

also, yes! lazy! me too - i need more motivation most days. hope you're easing back smoothly :)

Meghan said...

Hmm. Wedding gifts. I once gave a gift card for cooking classes - thought it would be fun to do together!

Elle Sees said...

so what happened? why are you so sad? or is it just getting over a fun trip?

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

Check out Crate&Barell for a wedding gift idea- they always have fun kitchen stuff!

k said...

I am so lazy too, my to do list hasn't changed despite me FEELING like it will.

Jennifer M. said...

When someone doesn't register, I get them candles or a picture frame. The more generic, the better. If they wanted something else, they should've registered!


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