January 5, 2011

Quick Hello

New Year means usually a new me. Right? Right.
Change is always welcome, and usually needed. This year, I have so much in mind it makes me dizzy. Literally. I've had my quick "oh help, I'm going to faint!" moments a few days before the year ended and it wasn't fun. It wasn't fun at all. My body was telling me something. I truly believe you have to listen to what your body tells you. Every single day. Pimples, rashes, dizziness and all don't just happen. There's always a reason behind everything. Ulcers don't happen either, there's always a huge reason behind any of it. So, I'm definitely working on that. :) Not that I have ulcers, or rashes....but still...it's little symbols, with a very huge message!!!
So the new me this year is working on going out every single day and walk, drink more juices and water and less coke and coffee (at least I'm trying), and well, I'm slowly in the process of moving forward to going towards something new and something scary but something good. :) 2011 could be an interesting year! :)

So, what has happened in the last four days?
The weekend was relaxing...family time and by that I just say OMG!!!! ;) That's really all I can say.
Monday I met one of my old college friends and we had cheap sushi somewhere in Costa Mesa, and then headed to one of my favorite new places to go: Porto's.
I died on the spot just by seeing all those cakes, and sweets. :)
If you are in the area and have never been to Porto's...go have some Cuban yummy stuff. It's worth it!!! :)

Anthropologie and me apparently like each other. I went in, and saw something (in the sales corner of course!!!), and well, it fit and the fitting room girl says: "Go get it, it's so you!" So I did, and now I'm broke but who cares, right?! It's Anthro. Wish I could show you a picture but I don't have one yet. Sorry.

I've been slacking with all the picture sharing too.
However, since this is not my computer I don't necessarily want to upload stuff onto it just because I'm that nice. Then again, I'm going to do this soon and then you get overwhelmed with weird pictures of me on the beach, walking the dogs, or just having a great time. :) Until then you get to see old pictures I used on this blog before, sorry about that!!!!

Ha, and even after one month I can't believe I'm actually here!!!!! :)
I simply can't. Have I ever mentioned I love it. Always have and always will.
Just thinking about leaving soon saddens me, but I won't go there yet. I just won't. :)

Happy Wednesday everyone.
I know this post was super random, and super lame, but it's who I am...I write about anything and everything if I feel like it. ;) :) :D

Time for me to catch up on blogs and maybe change somethings on my own. :) New year means new me, and that included my blog too. No?!


♥ Selma ♥


Amy Rene said...

Antrhopologie is the store I love but stay away from except for birthdays. But, their seasonal catalog I get in the mail is the highlight of my day... good luck with drinking more water/juices! It's so hard, but I'm trying too. <3

Courtney said...


samnhal said...

Is this the same item you already told me about from anthropologie? We must be on the same wavelength because yesterday I just started messing around with my blog again. I'm really going to try this time and make my own background. I just have to find someone that has photoshop first. I did figure out how to make a picture or a button into an external direct link instead of having to use the page buttons. So I made my own twitter button. I'm pretty stoked about it, it's the conan twitter bird.

Elle Sees said...

I'm doing 12 months of resolutions!

Tanja, Herbert + Kinna von Ducati said...

Never heard of Porto's - will google it and see if it'll fit somehow into my new years resolutions ;)
Happy Thursday from OC!

OceanDreams said...

hello my love, must check out porto's, sounds delish! glad you broke down and bought something at anthropologie, you know i would have too. glad you had a nice time with your college friend, enjoy your last days in sunny ca, i will too!


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