January 27, 2011

Picture Time #2

If you know me you know I go gaga when it comes to certain magazines. Even worse when they are super cheap compared to what I normally have to pay - then I really go nuts. I ended up buying so many, it made my suitcase heavy. Not too heavy though. ;)
So, reading one of my many magazines last night I found the following and just thought I needed to share this with y'all. :)

"Friends are everything. It's another form of family. Loyalty, honesty, and dependability: that's it right there. Lending a kind hand or being there for a friend, it's not just altruistic - there's something that benefits everybody."

 Jennifer Aniston

If you know me you also know that I can get very emotional at times. I tend to lock myself in and ignore the world and once I enter reality I act as if everything's fine and perfect - even during the very dark times. Acting school paid off well. Oh wait, I never went! For the past few days I've been dealing with all kinds of feelings, and my emotions have been on a constant rollercoaster. It feels absolutely surreal. There are no words describing how I'm feeling, when I'm feeling, and why I'm feeling. I just am. It's who I am and who I always will be. Music, pictures, and supportive e-mails, texts, and messages make it all easier and at the same time harder. Though, positive thoughts are what keeps me going. Remember? I'm making sure to live life as positively as even possible. Miss my friends and family, and I know I will see them soon again!!!

Enjoy a few random pictures...
I had to take this picture...I love Christmas!!

I love sunsets...

...or dawn in general.

Wouldn't be complete with palm trees!!!

We also went out to see some snow...but we hardly took pictures...and those that we took are not blog worthy! ;)

Los Angeles and its infinite beauty...

I don't know what made me laugh this ugly laugh. :( I need to bleach my teeth! ;)
And excuse the hair...it was windy I think!

Sometimes you just need desserts... :)
Meeting Sierra from OceanDreams was one of my highlights!
She's such a sweet person, and I'm glad we're friends!
Read what we did that day here.
And really, excuse my hair and bad photo quality. 
Night pics are never good...but can you see the sunset?!

Perfect brunch at The Cottage in Laguna Beach!!!

Chilling in my Christmas T-shirt...on Christmas Day of course!

Or enjoying the water! My feet were in there too. Not at all cold! ;)

I love pictures like this one...they calm me!

My cravings for the sun and ocean will never go away...

...they are part of me! ;)

Hope you enjoyed them.
Hope you are having a fabulous Thursday!
This week went by fast!


♥ Selma ♥


mrsashcake said...

ohhh we love The Cottage! it was always so crowded and a little out of the way for us but every now and then my parents would take us on the weekends and its so yummy and fun!

Lindsey said...

thank you! and love all the pictures! too cute.

Unknown said...

Oh my goodness Selma, did you take all of those pictures? They are so beautiful. They really are, they look professional. Oh man, this makes me want to go on vacation even worse now!

angela.kolachny said...

I LOVE the pic of you laughing-its adorable! and so real:o)

glad you had a great time, those pics are incredible! I got your post on FB about not being in debt when you got back...what a smart girl you are! wow, I would have never thought of that! you go girl!

Marjan said...

Love the pictures....Had I not seen you take those pictures, I wouldnt have believed they are actual pictures....they are so perfect they look like posters.....thanks for setting up my blog....i love it....i just gotta start and i hope to have some more followers in the future :)
Its beautiful outside...the sun, the boys and I miss you....
lemme know as soon as you check schools out! we want you back asap :p im sure you know that!

Mara said...

what gorgeous photos! And how cool you got to meet Sierra!

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

Beautiful photos! I love all the palm trees!

Elle Sees said...

i have a friend who collects sunsets...seriously. we always take pics for her when traveling.

Meghan said...

Aww! You are so so so adorable! These photos look simply heavenly!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I love the photos!!! It looks like you had such a wonderful time in CA!

Jess said...

Fun pics! Gotta love the beauty of SoCal :) Glad you got to see so many awesome sunsets!


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