January 28, 2013

On being single!

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Yes it's one of those posts again where I rant or at least openly state on how I regularly feel these days! So, if you're not in the mood to read about my every day feelings you have the choice to skip or continue reading my non-sense. So, totally up to you.

I am sick and actually also tired of being single. There, you have it. Yes. I fully and shamefully admit this fact. It's been way too long that I could actually say I was in a relationship. Dating to me is not being in a relationship. It's just not the same. So yes I'm fed up and I'm so not okay with it. There are moments where I'm fully content being single, or let's say not attached to anyone but really, let's be honest...I just can't stand it anymore.

Sure, being single has its advantages but it certainly also has its disadvantages. I'm alone. Period. I may have roommates or a few friends but I'm alone. That certain feeling of love or just being in love is missing. That certain feeling of just putting yourself second sometimes and take care of the person you love is missing too. Yes I try to take care of my roommates but it is not the same feeling. It doesn't come close at all. I'm sure you know what I mean. 

And yes, granted, being in a relationship or being married has its ups and downs as well and nothing ever comes served as a cute little pink flower on a beautifully arranged platter. I know that, too. But hello? I'm not getting younger either here...so a woman always has that in mind. Guys not so much.

So, am I looking and dating and all that jazz? Not really. Why you may ask now. Well, for once, dating has never been my style. I find it awkward getting set up by friends just because they found the so-called perfect match for me. Online dating (sorry guys) is not for me either, even though I know a few close friends of mine who have done so and are happily married or in a wonderful relationship. It's just not me. I have gone on dates, believe it or not, and most of my friends didn't know about it because I don't want the super excited hype about that date and then get slapped hard when it's all a joke in the end. I really don't want to go through this all the time. It's like having fun plans scheduled and then a day before the big event or plan everything falls apart because of one silly thing that had to come up or had to be squeezed in or because of inconsiderate people who just can't stand up to what they once talked about or promised to do. So, that exciting moment we all know exists before any date (even with your hubby, fiance or current guy) is what I would like to have only, and yes only, when I know the date will actually turn out well. 
Silly of me to think this way? Probably, but again, I've had those fun moments and those ugly dates too...so no, thank you. Not more for me!

What am I gonna do about it all?
I was thinking to sit back and relax.
After all, my classes started and I've been busy reading and taking notes again.


Gosh, I need help.

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Mills said...

Awwww, when you least expect it love will find u! corny but true

Tiffany said...

Mills is right! Although I was online dating when I found Justin. Online dating is awful and hilarious...but you never know!

Anonymous said...

I met Luke VIA online and I still don't believe in going to an actual website and spending money to find love... haha I prefer it happen randomly as it did me. It'll come when it's ready. I feel lonely cause my dude is in the UK and I'm in Texas so I can relate to how you feel about being alone :/ Needless to say, I predict a wedding in 1 year for you :P

Unknown said...

Don't look. It will find you! Just when you stop looking for it, it will come up from behind and tap you on the shoulder! :)

Oh but I hear you... us ladies have the ticking clock that guys don't have to worry about. Blah. What DO guys ever have to worry about? Nothing, haha. That's what!

Unknown said...

It will happen when you're ready. I think the biggest thing you need to do is be open. When someone asks you out, say yes. My friend went on a date with a guy she didn't like and thought was kinda lame. Then 6 months later all the sudden she noticed him, they went out again and now they're married. So even though he might not seem perfect, say yes and he might end up being perfect.

Nicole Marie said...

ditto girlfriend. ditto.


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