April 3, 2013

Gluten Free Update #2

Hello Lovelies.

I owe you a little update on my new diet. I survived. Yes I did. Well, that's really not surprising. It's food and we all know how much I love food. I may not post recipes on here (although I should change that) or talk about frequent restaurant visits etc, but I love food. Who doesn't, really?

Lent is over and so is my gluten free diet. If you are new here and you don't know why I chose to go gluten free for Lent...well, it's because of health related issues I've been having for years. I always blamed it on specific foods I ate, like the bloating/gassy kind that makes you feel pregnant even though you're not. Or I blamed it on stress or traveling which yes, both are factors that upset the stomach but come on...all the time? I had enough. So Lent came along and I decided to give it another a try (or I finally listened to my doctor's opinion). 

While it wasn't easy at times to stay strong and live gluten free, I felt better, less bloated (if at all), lost weight and enjoyed real food. This Monday I started going back to a gluten related diet. I can eat anything and everything if I wanted to. I just won't watch what I'm eating...that includes salad dressings, breaded stuff, soy sauce dishes, candy, and what not. I also had a yummy pizza on Monday. Well, as much as I liked the pizza the gluten free one was definitely more delicious. My friend who is not gluten intolerant and pretty much eats all kinds of gross stuff said "yuck" when I told her that I preferred the gluten free crust. Trust me, you wouldn't know the difference if you ate it blindfolded...it just looks different. So why do I prefer it? The pizza is smaller, and made me NOT feel bloated like crazy. It's Wednesday and I'm still having cramps. Go figure.

This whole week I will eat "regularly" but not go overboard with the regular diet. I still have gluten free bread and cereal and I'm still eating that. Lets hope I survive. Fingers crossed, okay?!

Other than that I'm doing fine. Zumba tonight was fun and kept my stomach issues under control. It also distracted me which was really needed. I have been feeling claustrophobic lately and it's not a fun feeling. So, getting out of the house for whatever reason and all that on my own is a very happy moment for me. A very happy, welcomed moment.

Happy Wednesday!


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Sam M said...

Good for you for making it all the way through! What's wrong with gluten free crust? I'd totally be down to try it. My friend is not eating gluten and we make food together a lot, so we've made a lot more gluten free meals. That's awesome that you've noticed such a difference. Maybe I'll just bite the bullet and buy some gluten free flour and try it out.

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Very interesting... we have a cook in my restaurant who's gluten free. I'd love to ask him about it but he's a big grouch.


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