April 17, 2013

What if...

...you woke up and would not know where you were?

This scenario happened to me twice. Once I forgot I had jet lag and didn't know what was right or left, and once, I just came out of the operation room in a hospital. No worries, I'm okay. This week has been just weird. Not only was it Monday, that once again showed us that we are not invincible nor Godly, and that no matter where you are in the world you always find someone you are linked with or linked to so to speak that had to experience something as horrific (and as newspapers claim it, simply tragic) as what we all saw and heard on Monday. One of our professors ran too. He was fast enough not to be at the finish line when it happened. It just makes our world so much smaller.

So, yes, what wold you do if you woke up and would not know where you were?

I'd hope I'd see the following face. Every. Single. Day.

Yes, sorry. No guy photo. But this little fellow is my guy, too. He needs a bath and a major haircut...but seeing him in the morning curled up next to me on the pillow waiting for me to open my eyes...this is the best. I instantly know where I am. But don't be fooled. He's a cutie pie but has a little demon in him sometimes. Just when he doesn't feel like being the cutie pie and lover he actually has to portray. :) 

So, how's your week so far?
I have to admit I've been a bad blogger.
It's been insane lately...but good thing is, finals are around the corner and after those I can relax. My studies in general are going well. I have awesome friends and classmates who keep me sane and entertained. Who doesn't like random texts at night telling me I'm a sinner because I haven't been out to have Sushi and Sake for the past two months? I just love it. Made my day, trust me.
This semester will be rounded up with two concerts, one wedding, a pet expo, the Color Run, my bestie visiting, some shopping moments, beach days, and a pre-birthday party! Then, in June and July I'll be in Europe. I'm already counting down the days until I'm back here in SoCal. Huh? Wait, what? Yes, exactly. That's how much I love it here. ;)

That's it...my random update for today.
Confused? Let me know.
I might as well confuse myself lately.

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Sam M said...

That would be really scary to wake up and not know where you are. woo-hoo for the end of the semester! Can I come to Europe with you?

Ashley said...

Off to Europe again, eh? For how long?


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