April 6, 2013

Happy Weekend

captured this sunset earlier this week...Orange County is beautiful, no?

Happy Weekend!
I had a terrific Friday, hence my lack of posts and comments and what not.
My uncle and aunt were in town for the day - way too short I have to tell you - so naturally, I woke up and got ready and spent the whole day with them. They had been to California before but never to my area. So I showed them around a little, organized a little dinner get-together with my roommates and then they left again. By now, I'm sure they are on their way back home to the Midwest. Hopefully next time I get to see them longer.

It was a fun day.
I'm a little sunburned.
And ready for some studying today. Yuck.

Happy Saturday.

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Natalie said...

What a beautiful sunset!


Unknown said...

That's so cool that they came to see you in LA! I hope they enjoyed their time in california. And sunburned? Oh man, for it to be warm enough again to get a sunburn...that sounds wonderful.


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