April 1, 2013

Monday Morning Gossip - A little late...but okay!

Happy (Easter) Monday!

How was your weekend?
If you celebrated Easter I hope you had a fabulous time. :)

This weekend was packed. There was babysitting, a baby shower and a baseball game involved. Then Easter Sunday...the usual, church, and fun lunch to see a former teacher of mine. She's that kind of person you want to have around in your life. Whether or not you meet her once or twice or multiple times around the year. She's pure happiness and love combined. I almost forgot how contagious her enthusiasm is and it totally brightened my day. That was my highlight of the weekend.

Other than that, I had a horrible weekend. Especially when it came to my emotional side. There's so much going on I can't fully concentrate, sleep, organize my crap, or just have some me time. We all know how important me time is, and heck it's been hectic. However, life is good so far - it goes on. Blah.

And yes, the above photo was taken this weekend. I went to a Baseball game. One I always wanted to see. Angels vs. Dodgers. For years I'd been a huge Dodgers' fan...and for the past two years I've grown to become an Angels' fan. See my dilemma? Yes, but I was rooting for the red team...and they won. ;)

What I'm looking forward to this week though is getting some more homework done, and seeing family again. Wooohoooooo!! Finally! Fingers crossed everything works out as planned though. 

Let's hope it's gonna be a good week. Today was a horrible day, and I'm super exhausted. It's not even 8.30pm yet but I'm headed to bed soon. :(

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Ashley said...

Feel better dear! We could all use some of that enthusiasm your teacher has...

Mree said...

Hope this week is better for you. Try and take a few minutes everyday for yourself. Hugs!!

Best, Mree

Sam M said...

I just love those people who you can't help being happy around, they're the best. I'm sorry your weekend was otherwise crappy. Just think, school has like a month left!

Shelley said...



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