April 12, 2013

The Flat Shoe Friday!

The Flat Shoe Friday

This week's theme over at Long Distance Loving is all about SHOES. As much as love shoes I went with a simple theme here. Flats and sandals. Easy, huh? It's warmed up here in Southern California so I switch my footwear from funky colorful flats to simple sandals. I wanted to incorporate my style a little with today's theme. I think I managed this well. Plus, lately, I'm so into polka dots (well, all the time) or stripes (recent thing) I thought it would be nice to add this little obsession of mine, too. And hello? Noticed the blue theme? Not sure where that is coming from. 

If only my sets were somewhat affordable for a poor student like me. Meh. Oh well. A girl can dream and save up. And I'm certainly saving up. :)

Hope your Friday is fabulous!
Happy Weekend everyone!

Hope you are having fun plans to look forward to.


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Shelley said...

I really like your style choices!

Sam M said...

I love pretty much everything on this. It's blue and white and slightly nautical, and I'm loving it.

Elle Sees said...

i've got the navy ones :)))

Amy Green @ Sweet Home Amy said...

I'm loving polka dots and stripes as well. Yay for warmer weather here in Cali!

Anonymous said...

Flats are where it's at! I love a cute pair of flats! I like heels(not love) but I've always been more of the comfortable boho type of chick. It's been awhile since I've been here! I miss you, girl! *hugs*


Mrs. Pedersen said...

Loving each piece...especially the polka dot shirt!

Elisa @ Globetrotting in Heels said...

And thank god you create affordable sets! So fed up with these gorgeous sets made entirely of items nobody can afford. I am not a huge fan of admiring things from afar all the time, I like to be able to get some and wear them too :-)

Love that polka dot tee and the skirt!


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