April 22, 2013

Monday Morning Gossip - Animals, Music, OTH, and Pool included

This week, I'm joining Leeann again and her Monday Morning Gossip.

I'm also using her awesome linkup as a quick weekend recap because I'm sure most of you were wondering what I was up to and where the heck I was since well, my posts lately ended up being almost non-existent.

If you are following me on Instagram you might have seen these... and if you are lucky enough that I let you be part of my facebook, then you know even more. Aside from that, here's what I was doing Friday, Saturday, and Sunday:

Friday, all day, one of my best friends M. and I went to the Pet Expo 2013. We almost adopted all kinds of dogs and cats. She even held a spider and I almost screamed. Cannot stand spiders. We had a blast though, worked on our tan while walking through this gigantic area, and enjoyed receiving information on certain breeds, food, training, and whatnot. It was a well-spent Friday. AND, it was a girls' day out. No guys or husbands or whatnot allowed. Just three girls (her fun mother-in-law came too) and many many animals. I really wanted a dog...but having already two in the house, a third one right now is not an option. :(
But I cuddled with "Stella" from Modern Family. She's definitely a cutie pie!

Then Saturday...besides organizing and preparing a birthday BBQ for a friend of mine, the main goal was to end up at the Troubadour and enjoy a concert. And, we did.

Oh you wanna know who we saw?

Loved all three performances. We had Lounge Seats upstairs so we could see it all. I preferred that since standing for about four hours isn't really my thing anymore. Besides, if we didn't have those seats we would not have sat next to the executive producer of One Tree Hill (and you know how much I LOVE this show), and saw James Lafferty and Stephen Colletti. So, it was definitely worth it. No?

Yes, I know I'm short. Let's just say he's super tall?! Thank you. 
If you don't know who he is...it's Mike Grubbs from Wakey! Wakey!

Sunday was mainly a relaxing day. Friends from Ventura County came down to our lovely OC area and we basically spent it eating, chatting, chilling, and sunbathing at the pool. Could not complain at all. It was a fantastic day. I think I definitely ate too much, but one can never have too much Sushi, and Chinese.

Hope your weekend has been grand.
This week will be busy...a take-home exam, a weird essay, and wedding preparations. Don't worry. Not mine. I would announce something like that on the blog at some point and not drop this topic accidentally a few days before the event. Just saying. 

Happy Monday everyone!

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Sam M said...

dang, you're getting into california life, it seems like every weekend you do something really cool. And the high schooler in me who used to watch laguna beach, you SAW stephen colletti? Amazing.

Shelley said...

That's awesome you cuddled Stella!!

Rambles with Reese said...

What a wonderful week you had Selma! After seeing all these pics I want to live in California too :-)). Well, I've always loved California but this just reinforces my love of this state.

And how adorable is Stella?!! xoxo


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