April 29, 2013

Monday Morning Gossip - I am alive!

Happy Monday everyone. Hope you had a fantastic weekend, and a wonderful week before that. I have yet to read all of your lovely posts and comment accordingly - that is, if time permits. :(

It's been a hectic weekend. Not only did I study all week last week so I did have all weekend to do nothing at all, but I also struggled with personal strength and personal growth (if that makes any sense). Last week showed and taught me that I have wonderful friends who encourage me and make me laugh when I need it the most. Also, it taught me to stand up for myself and not to justify every single move I make. I can laugh whenever I want to laugh, I can do whatever I want to do, I can and show be allowed to say whatever and whenever I say something, and I can schedule my school work the way I want it to be scheduled and that is it. Nothing more, nothing less. My life and my moves.

A new week started and this only means more work for me.
I'm going to work on final papers, final projects and presentations, and at the same time trying to enjoy life. 

This morning, someone my roommate knew and me, too, passed away. He was sick, and yes in pain, but he is now in a much better place, save and healthy. Life is too short, and too precious to take it for granted. And yet, most of us still take it for granted. It has shown us once again that we just need to enjoy every single moment we get. 

With that being said, I had a great weekend (went to a wedding in Bakersfield) and am definitely looking forward to a wonderful week ahead even though it's going to be busy. Busy, sometimes, is good though. May is around the corner, and that means my travel plans are approaching faster and faster. I'll be leaving with mixed feelings but that's nothing new. 

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Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

I'm so sorry for your loss :(

And I am proud for you for standing up for yourself. That's my biggest flaw for sure.

I hope this week treats you well. Thanks for linking up!

Unknown said...

I'm sorry that you lost someone! You're so right, it makes us realize what we take for granted every single day. And you're right again, you don't always have to justify yourself to other people. I struggle with that.

Ashley said...

Definitely sorry to hear about your friend that died. Life is far too short, thanks for the reminder!


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