April 9, 2013

Quote of the Day #5


“When people don't express themselves, they die one piece at a time.” - Laurie Halse Anderson


This quote feels appropriate for this week.

As I have introduced my friend A. to a church she actually started to like a lot, we all learned that this church lost one of his young members last week. I never express my beliefs on here. If you know me personally you know how I stand when it comes to religion, church, prayers and whatnot, but knowing that the place my friends call their church is now mourning with their pastor is just sad. Life happens. Death happens too. So we all should embrace what we have and live life to the fullest.

And quite ironically...we keep saying that but we don't live it.


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Unknown said...

That's so hard when a congregation looses a young member. I hope they'll be able to find comfort in the other members of their church.

Ashley said...

ah yes, I heard about this story and it is very tragic. I feel for the church and the pastor :(


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