May 30, 2014

Secret Remedies to Anxiety

I'm rarely open up about my struggle with anxiety simply due to the stigma behind it, but if my experience with anxiety and how I've found ways to overcome it can help others than I'm more than willing to share with you all. Selma knows my struggle with anxiety and she's always been there for me. Thank you Selma! So what do I do when my thoughts are going a million miles per hour and I'm fearful of my future? Well, here are just a few things that have helped me. I love it when I can find hobbies and techniques that help me calm my mind instead of being anxious. I hope you can do the same.



I'm big on Yoga and really need to do this more frequently just because it helps me focus on my breathing. Yoga is designed to help you block out all of your daily stress and instead replace your mind with happy and calming thoughts. Anxiety really is about calming your mind and Yoga is what works wonders for this. If you start focusing on the positions you hold in Yoga while taking deep breaths you'll discover that your anxiety is dissipating. If you don't have the appropriate wear for Yoga you can find great clothing on The Clymb such as yogabottoms that will keep you super comfortable, but I digress. You must try Yoga, especially if you suffer from anxiety! 



I no longer run due to a leg injury I received from running a half marathon several years ago (I know, isn't that sad?!) but I've been meaning to pick this healthy hobby up again. When I was a runner my mind was clear and my anxiety was definitely less. It's really a great way to use up all of your energy on running, instead of other things that can build up in your mind. Take it from me and instead of sitting around and becoming anxious about things that will never happen, go on a walk or run! You'll feel so much better when running regularly. If your mind is still spinning while you're running turn on some favorite tunes on your iPod and focus on the nature around you. It's a great and healthy distraction and you'll get fit along the way!

Faith and Inspiration


Do you have a faith or religion that you embrace? For me, God is what keeps me going and He's my ultimate healer. I love to pray when I feel anxious, and reading my Bible always calms me down. If you can embrace your faith and lean on God when the going gets rough I promise you your anxiety will be much less or disappear all together. You should never feel shame about how you feel because anxiety is hard to cope with. If you feel that your anxiety is getting out of control go to a professional. It's okay to get help (I have!) and know that people like myself can help you along the way. Take care of yourself and stay happy and healthy! 


Unknown said...

great post selma ! I get it at nigh sometimes. I have to put something heavy on my chest like books or the puppies I pray as well !
Simply Sutter

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

I don't like running or yoga, maybe that's why I always have stress lol!

Sierra said...

Thanks lovely for allowing me to guest post and I really need to start running again. However that means getting up SUPER early because it's so dang hot here!!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I have issues with Anxiety so I totally get it.


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