September 1, 2015

Powerful - Red

Happy September!

I am not ready for fall. I am so not ready. September 1st is the day fall starts; at least for me. Knowing this day is today makes me shiver because without realizing it the major holidays will knock on our festively decorated doors. I am so not ready. Despite my current anxiety I love this powerful color. Red is so amazing. It makes me confident, ready to conquer the world and strong. It's great around the holidays, yes, but it being September we don't want to think about those approaching so fast. We want to relive summer, and embrace cooler temperatures by using this beautiful warm color whenever possible.

I love red lipstick during spring to add color to any gray day. In the fall I love doing this, too. I have never used lipstick on a daily basis. It is not my thing. However, when you get older you change your style and this has happened to me. It's normal. So, red lipstick it is. My favorite?! The one from Mary Kay. Love how long it lasts and that Mary Kay has such a huge variety when it comes to color. I need variety.

Untitled #110

Red is definitely powerful. I am thinking of adding more to our kitchen. I started with purple and red will go beautifully with it. Before you ask...yes, my favorite person loves the color combo. In fact, he does not really care about the color as long as there are plates he can eat his food from. So much for easy-goingness. Plus, since I threw my pink flats away {we parted mutually} I think it is time to find a decent and fun red new pair again. 

Is red your color, or is read rather something you want other people to wear or use?!

Have an amazing day.



Marie said...

I love the color red but I never wear it as I think it doesn't look good on me. However, I wouldn't mind those red ballets!!

Tobia Nooke said...

Oh I looooove red and there was a time when I wore nothing else. But I guess with age you downsize on brightness a bit. I love me some red nails. Lipstick once in a while but you need to reapply all the time and i am too lazy for that.
Have a great day, Tobia


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