November 19, 2015

Cool - Gray

With the holidays approaching faster than usual {is it just me or what?} I am always looking for winter inspired colors. Red and green are the most obvious, gold and silver are also on the list. This year I am also looking at gray. It's cool, calm, and combines well with stronger colors like red, green, plum, and even black.

Untitled #117

For years I thought gray was a boring color. It reminded me of a mouse. I don't like mice. One day I saw a photo in a magazine (mind you, that has been about 12 years ago) and the photo showed a girl wearing gray and pink, and gray and turquoise. I was hooked onto gray ever since. I learned that gray by itself may look boring but when you add a color like pink, purple, turquoise, and even red it makes the color pop and so much more vibrant. 

Is gray your color?
I am so glad I kept my gray nail polish. I will wear this next week for Thanksgiving. Add a bit of glitter or pink to the gray polish and baaaam you have yourself a bit of a festive touch to this cool color.

Have an amazing day!



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