November 16, 2015

Weekly Hopes {16}

Good morning my lovely readers,

I did not forget my Weekly Hopes post but simply couldn't get up and work on it. I had such a rough weekend it was rather impossible for me to sit down, focus, gather my thoughts, gather my emotions, and write coherently. However, to be honest, it is still Monday here so I am entitled to work on my happy hopes and wishes for this week. :) 

This week I am hoping for....

1 - Wrapping the already bought gifts so they are ready
2 - Preparing my man's birthday and Christmas gifts {why are both in December?! why?!}
3 - Figuring out what to get my favorite man
4 - Going to Michael's and Hobby Lobby to get some more items for the holidays
5 - Cleaning and organizing
6 - Vet appointment scheduled for the ladies
7 - Job search {I'm slowly ready to get back to life and normality}

Yes, there's only seven things this week. Our weekend was horrendous. I mean we spent it with family but driving home was a major downer. Driving over a pass and through snow...instead of two hours it took us almost seven hours. Our car was a rental due to someone hitting ours and we had to repair it {their insurance paid it all...thanks to her note on our car}. So our rental as requested was a 4x4 and ready for snowy roads. We were so fortunate...just not riding for so long. ;( The kitties didn't like it either. Getting a doctor's appointment is close to impossible. I had to switch insurance providers, and well, new patients will get to schedule in January. I'm find with waiting but can I please make an appointment NOW? Apparently not. I think that's ridiculous. Anyways, it's been a good but looooong weekend. This week better be going smoothly, happily, and without any car drama. :)

Happy Monday my readers. Hope your day is going well!



The Flynnigans said...

SEVEN hours?! Holy cripes that must've been bad weather and traffic combined.

You should've reached out to me over the weekend love, I'm so sorry that it was rough. Big hugs momma xox

Christina said...

Jacob's birthday is three days after Christmas. It's tough! I hate driving in the snow and over mountains. I'm glad you got home safe!


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