November 24, 2015

Gift Ideas for the Hostess

With the holidays around the corner there is a chance that we get invited to a party or two. Whether it is one held by your work, your best friend, your parents, or a friend of a friend you will be a guest. I was taught to always bring a gift to the host or/and hostess. It doesn't have to be anything special; something small, like a cute napkin, flowers, or a bottle of your favorite wine would do the trick. It shows your appreciation to the hosts and once you are the one giving a party you would probably want something cute in return as well. I definitely say never no.

Untitled #121

I'd definitely say yes to the pillows, an ornament, candles and any bottle of wine. Depending on the event I have seen people being very creative with their gifts. I love the fall-winter coasters, and unfortunately it is something I don't see people use as often anymore. Maybe I am hanging out with the wrong crowds? Coasters are so much fun! I brought once a unique bottle holder to an event and it was the best gift that evening; that is if you know the hosts and their love for wine. ;) 

Are you invited to a holiday party, a get-together of some sorts this time of year!? If so, and you are not sure what to bring, don't feel overwhelmed. Sometimes simpler is better.

Happy early Thanksgiving my lovely readers!!!
Whether or not you are celebrating know that I am very thankful for you!


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