November 30, 2015

Weekly Hopes {18)

How was your Thanksgiving???!!!
Mine? It was filled with family, support, laughter and love. I couldn't have asked for more. Plus, yes, my Thanksgiving pants were used for three days. I am a bit full to say the least. Where's the gym?! 

We had a great holiday. Today is the last day of November. The last day!!!!!
24 or 25 days {depending on when you celebrate it} and Christmas knocks on our doors. Whether or not you celebrate it to me it is a warm time, a time to meet up with friends, family, a time to give, receive, and just enjoy the warmth of the season. Snuggling up with your fur babies, a fuzzy blanket, and twinkly lights in the background while watching a fun movie is my favorite way to relax and unwind. So this week I am happily looking forward to the following...

1 - My man's birthday
2 - My man's stupid schedule finally ends this week {Hallelujah!!}
3 - Warm drinks; maybe with marshmallows
4 - Christmas Lights in our neighborhood
5 - More Christmas music
6 - All Christmas gifts ready to be sent by the end of the week
7 - Finishing all Christmas cards
8 - Quite time
9 - Working out more
10 - Baking

What are you looking forward to?
Are you ready for tomorrow, December 1???
I am not. I am so in denial.


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