November 12, 2015

Currently {2}

Thinking about: How I should wrap all the Christmas presents we are arranging this year. Last year I went with a plain brown paper with purple polka dots {such a fun DIY project}, so this year I want to do something else. Pinterest better help me. :) 

Listening to: Pandora. It's one of many Country Music Stations I happened to find on my man's list. He's the Pandora guy, I just listen to whatever I can sing along to. :) 

Watching: The fur babies wrestling with each other and then grooming each other afterwards. It's like their afternoon treat ceremony. Ha. Also, I am catching up on shows today and will watch a Christmas movie. Exciting! 

Reading: All kinds of magazines my MIL gave me to read, and a new book I just started. 

Loving: The constant purrs I hear from Luna and Lilee. Love our snuggle time, and I love when they realize the spray bottle means they are in trouble. Haha! Plus, when I feel alone and sad and all that...knowing a kitty trusts me enough to sleep on me for hours...awwwww, it's the best feeling ever!

Planning: When we go see family in Reno I always want to do something different. I love resting and playing with the dogs {and now cats} but I want to explore the area as well. I found this great gluten free bakery. Their coffee cakes are delicious. I could eat there every single day. So yes, I am planning on checking a few newplaces out so next time we are in the area we can go explore! :)

Eating: Gluten Free Mini Pretzels from Snyder's of Hanover. This brings back so many childhood memories it's not even funny. I think this is my comfort food. I know, I know, not healthy but I am only human craving some comfort food at the moment.

What are you currently up to?!


Ashley said...

Listening to the rain outside and getting ready for bed :)

Country music...not my fave, sorry!

Christina said...

I've been listening to Pandora a lot at work, but it's mostly been Christmas music lately. Haha!


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