November 2, 2015

Weekly Hopes {14}

It's Monday excited. Well, I'm only excited about it because I know we have about four more weeks left of B's crazy schedule. I cannot stand it at all. So with that in mind, and with caring for two kittens at the same time...I am hoping for one thing only this week:


No need to say more. I need sleep. More sleep. Less disruptive sleep, less noise, less everything but MORE rest time - for both, B and me.

Hope you are having a fabulous day.
It's November and I cannot believe how that happened. Didn't we just celebrate Easter or complain about super temperatures?! Holy cow. 



The Flynnigans said...

I guess the upside is that you have the kittens to distract you. ;-)

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

How is the weather up there? I just got excited about the rain and cooler it's going back up to the 80s this weekend. Waaah! I hope you are getting lots of sleep in :)

Elisa @ Crazy, Amazing Life said...

Yes to more sleep! I think we could all use that.

Wishing you a wonderful month of November, Selma! xo


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