November 20, 2015

Friday Happy

Happy Friday.
I am finally back with a few updates. I have been slacking lately. Blame it on the upcoming holiday season, on my head and throat not wanting to cooperate, and the fact that two little kittens want momma's attention; preferably at 4am. I still need that sleep I was dreaming and hoping about. It's been a rough month. Yet, with a rough month and week there is always something to be happy about. Let's see what makes me smile!

1. Getting home in one piece on Sunday 
{we got stuck in a snow storm while driving home from the worries, we were prepared}
2.  Snuggles with Lilee. She's become more affectionate lately. Love it.
3. Hot chocolate with marshmallows
4. Christmas decoration
5. Cleaning my closet
6. Ordering most presents for my loved ones
7. Etsy
8. Oil Classes I have been attending
9. Date Night
10. Blackberry apple crisp

It's been a good week. Let's make next week even better and filled with love and lots of laughter!

 I am again linking up with the fabulous Krysten and Lindsay today. Come and join the fun! :)


1 comment :

The Flynnigans said...

Mm to the crisp! Live Apple crisps in the colder weather.

Hope you're having a lovely weekend my dear !! xoxo


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