November 11, 2015

Introducing...Luna and Lilee!

Good morning!

Let me start by finally introducing you to my new loves...Luna and Lilee.
Excuse the weird pillow in the background. That was the easiest to "pose" them for photos. Haha!
The story:
For months we wanted to make an addition to our home, our family. B grew up with dogs and cats so naturally to him something was missing at home. I always wanted to own a "real" pet. I grew up with guinea pigs and birds but let's be cute as guinea pigs are, and as cute as birds may sing...they are not necessarily real pets. Loved my pets but I always wished for a cat or a dog. Mom was vehemently against it. No discussion. 

Last year B and I started looking at possible adoption places. When we visited shelters or adoption centers we always felt relaxed and happier. It was a great way for us to unwind, forget about obstacles, stress, and all that crazy stuff going on in our lives. We knew that getting a pet would be a great responsibility and a long commitment. We never found the perfect match for us though. 

Fast forward to end of April of this year...we got more serious and ready to move, and knew that with a move we may want to finally find a companion or two. Over the summer I was told not to get a pet at all {thanks mom} and when I returned and started struggling with stress, grief, and depression we knew that a visit to the shelter or an adoption center would lift my mood. It took a few tries for me to warm up to the idea but I knew that getting a new family member will enhance my life and make adjustment and eventually life much easier.

Fast forward to October 15. We visited the biggest shelter in the area we knew had the most kitten available. We also knew we wanted a black or a gray one that would literally come in a double pack. We found our match. However, it turned out they were sick. Turned out all of them were sick. It broke our heart. You want to rescue an animal and then it turns out sick and may not make it, and even if, it would require a lot of work, money and dedication. So we went home brokenhearted.

B was determined though. He was ready. I was ready. Over the weekend we found an adoption center that looked more promising. We found cute little ones, signed up, and got put on a waiting list. Apparently we weren't the only ones wanting the cutest kittens on this planet. Three days later we got a phone call saying we were on the top of the waiting list as people didn't want to adopt them together. We wanted to adopt them as a pair. Who tears siblings apart?! 

Soooooo, that following Saturday we met the girls and fell in love. They even claimed us. Who can say no to healthy kittens claiming you as their own? Yup. We knew right there and then we shouldn't say no and say yes to getting these fluffy fur balls. Two hours later, B and I, Lilee and Luna drove home and introduced them to our home. 

Lilee: This is her given name by the lady who found her. We thought the spelling was unique and the name fit her personality. So we kept the name. 
She's slow to warm up, is a momma's girl {always near or on top of me, like in the photo below}, loves to sleep, loves to ambush her sister, and delicately eats her food. She makes funny noises, and chases the laser like a rock star! She's adopted well and knows how to hit the limit when it comes to being cute, especially when she hops on things she knows she is not supposed to. She hates the spray bottle and knows that she is in trouble if I just put it out.

Luna: Her given name was Kiki. I have a friend with that name and I know what it means in Tagalog so I decided to drop that name. We had Luna in mind...and even though she's not dark she's got this moon-like pattern and her face is slightly round {compared to her sister's} it fits. 
She's very social and loves to cuddle as much as possible. She's the climber; climbed the second she saw the cat tree. She is a foody, and thinks every time I walk into the kitchen it's food time. She tells us when she's hungry; she's quite the opera singer. She has adopted well, loves to play with her sister and chase the laser as well. Mostly though she's the brave one trying to explore everything, including the stove since last weekend. Oh boy!

And she's photogenic!

They are, as of today, four months old, very healthy according to our vet, and happy!!!
Our fur babies are already well traveled and don't complain a bit in the car. Can't complain. 

I am beyond happy. My mother instinct appeared out of nowhere. I definitely worry too much. I don't want to leave the house. I want to make sure they are okay. I know they are. They have each other and definitely entertain themselves whenever they get the opportunity. I am very glad we decided to add them to our little family. It has drastically changed my mood and my heart. I believe this has been the best decision of 2015!!

I promise this was the first and last major kitty post! I'm just so excited to have them in our life. It would be wrong not to share my enthusiasm. Besides, they are part of my life and my blog is about sharing and here I am, sharing with you our inspirational addition! 

Luna and Lilee say hello, and wish you a wonderful rest of the week! 



The Flynnigans said...

Such pretty little girls :) Lilee looks really dainty and delicate, whereas I feel like Luna is more robust.
Don't stop posting kitty pics, I love em! ;) xo

Christina said...

So cute! I cannot believe they don't mind the car! Our vet is only 10 minutes away and my cats howl the entire time. Ha! Enjoy the new additions to your family!


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