November 23, 2015

Weekly Hopes {17}

Happy Monday and Happy Thanksgiving Week!

Whether or not you celebrate Thanksgiving there is always a time when you should reflect back and be thankful. This week is all about happiness, family, and being grateful to be alive, surrounded by my new family supporting me during my dark times {I see a light at the end of this tunnel}, and to be loved by my friends {they all live so far away from me; yes, I have no friends in this city and by that I mean zero!} and remaining family. It's a great week and a great time to be thankful for so many things. Plus, there is always something one {ehhhmmm, me} can be hoping or wishing for.

This week I am hoping....

1. that it won't snow when we travel to see family
2. to enjoy fabulous foooooood
3. to rest and enjoy a great Thanksgiving
4. no stress
5. movie time
6. Therapy

It's a small list but so worth it. This week will be short. My man has only one class to attend, so we will prepare ourselves and the fur ladies to be ready for turkey day {yes, we will starve ourselves}. If you visit family or friends this week and have to travel far, please be careful, don't stress out, and enjoy the time you spend with your loved ones. Cherish the food, the drinks, the stories, and if it happens...the drama. 

Happy Thanksgiving Week my lovely readers!!!

1 comment :

The Flynnigans said...

It was verrrrrry lightly snowing on our way to hydrotherapy this evening. And it's cold!! Here's to you not getting snow . :) Much love darling xoxo


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