March 15, 2016

Are you Easter Ready?

Believe it or not, I forgot Easter was next week. Usually I am on top of things and have everything marked in my calendar but this year flew by...holy cow. I gave up soda for lent {which has been super easy} but I literally missed the fact that Easter is technically next week. Are you Easter ready? I am not. A few days ago I realized we were spending it with B's parents and then it dawned on me...we never spent Easter together with them. What are we doing? Are we doing anything special? Inviting people over? Going out? Decoration? What? Help!!! Seriously, I freaked out a bit but then remembered that it will be okay. Whatever we are going to do will be fine.

Easter ready

No matter what we will be doing I will dress up and enjoy the day. I love dressing up for special occasions. Sadly not many do happen around here lately. Getting ready for Easter is my favorite part of spring. Flowers and pastel-colored anything are my thing. I'm a girlie girl after all. Plus when you add a holiday to it...yes please!!! Am I ready? Again, not yet. However, I am confident I can arrange a few things here and there, include some cute Lindt chocolate bunnies and sheep and brighten everyone's day! Goodie bags and decoration are my I will be ready, eventually.

Are you Easter ready? 


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The Flynnigans said...

Hmm, I should talk to Jeff to see what the heck were doing. Jeffs mom is supposed to come home from the respiratory hospital this weekend so maybe try to head up there or something? I dunno. We have the Friday off work so maybe go up there on Thursday night, come home Saturday night, then do dinner with my mom and step dad on Sunday.
I think I need to take cues from you and dress up more. And I think I'll do just that next weekend. Thanks girl! ;)
I love those heels. :)


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