March 14, 2016

Weekly Hopes {33}

Happy mid-March!!! Unbelievable but this month is halfway over. Mondays used to be so dreadful but for the past few months I look at them as a new opportunity to make up for bad days, a fresh start, a new chapter. I love Mondays now. Ha! Yes, I do. Even though it is the middle of month number three of this new year I still feel we basically started 2016 a couple of weeks ago. It's crazy. Anyhow,  despite time running like crazy I am enjoying this new week and with that I have to start with my weekly hopes and what I'm looking forward to accomplishing this week...

1 - Bank appointment on Tuesday
2 - Raclette for dinner on Thursday
3 - Seeing family
4 - Receiving four packages on Monday (well, today. Yay!)
5 - Book club and its online get together on Friday!

Not that much going on this week but enough for me to stay busy. As much as we need the rain here in California I have enough of it. The last four days it's been raining nonstop. It's awesome but too much rain, most people forget, isn't as good either. Mudslides, ponds that shouldn't be, clogged's no fun. Hoping it slows down and then returns in a week or so. ;) 

How's your weekend been?

Happy Monday!!


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