March 30, 2016

Spring Outfit Inspiration

Spring is in the air. I love when everything starts to bloom, when I hear birds chirp in the morning waking me up, when it gets dark later in the day and when I can sit outside without having to be close to a heater. Plus, when I can add more spring inspired colors to any outfit I am all for it. Those sandals are my absolute favorite at the moment, and no matter what season or occasion a black skirt/dress and some proper black pants are always a great choice - great for work, great for a date or for a casual outing with friends.

Untitled #130

I feel that every spring I add a few new items to my wardrobe. I clean my closet a few times a year, getting rid of items I no longer wear, can wear, want to wear, or feel represent who I am. Plus, if I didn't wear certain items for over a year I know it's time to let go of them. Donating clothes is my favorite thing to do. Makes me feel special knowing I brighten someone else's day {or outfit} that way. 

If you were wondering what my favorite style is this spring then you might have figured it out by looking at the above collage. I love stripes, black and a hint of color {pink or purple at the moment}. A sophisticated look is always welcome no matter what the occasion. I get my inspirations from anything, lately spring flowers and pastel colors. Plus, black is my go-to base color letting me add as much or as little color as I would like to my outfit. 

What is your spring outfit inspiration?
Any particular color you love? 


1 comment :

Christina said...

I love it! It has a little Paris inspiration too. :) I'm trying to add more pale pink lately. It's so cheerful!


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