March 28, 2016

Weekly Hopes {35}

Today I am blogging later than usual. I came back from our week away from home last night and to be honest I wasn't feeling like writing right away. Sometimes a time-out needs to happen. But I promised myself {and you in a way} to continue with my Weekly Hopes series. It truly has shown me that life, every day and every week, is worth living for even for the tiniest moments.

This week my Weekly Hopes consists of.....

1 - Potato Salad {yup, looking forward to that one}
2 - My monthly massage
3 - Criminal Minds {oh yes, I love this show}
4 - Warm weather; we are talking high 70s. Woohoo. 
5 - Closet cleaning... Can't wait. Literally, I love doing it. 
6 - Donating clothes
7 - Cake baking
8 - Date Night {so important}
9 - A new nail polish color...suggestions????
10 - Peace! 

This week is a mellow one. I'm looking forward to cooking and baking, and walking in my sandals again. Northern California finally welcomed sunnier and warmer weather again. We needed the rain and the snow but sometimes we need a break from moisture. I'm also looking forward to my massage. It's needed. My neck has been so much better and I want to make sure it stays this way. Besides massages and a chiropractor....I use a special pain cream and pain lotion on my horrible achy areas and I kid you not it has helped so much. So incredibly much. 

And peace. It's needed. I'm saddened every day hearing news about tragedies overseas or close by. Peace is definitely needed. Every day. 

Are you ready for this week??!


1 comment :

Sara Strand said...

I was so hoping for warmer weather but it seems that's not going to happen. Today it's rainy and dreary, and I'm so desperate for sunshine and warm so Penelope and I can go for a walk or something!


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