March 5, 2016

Rain Storm

Rainy days are always welcome in my neck of the woods. The world at this point knows how much California needs the rain. When it rains it makes me happy. It started raining yesterday and it doesn't look like it will end soon. So, what's the point I am trying to make? Honestly, does there have to be a reason? It is raining, it is cold, it is gray and all I could think of is turn on my computer and write. 

This week has been a busy lazy one. What on earth is this you may ask? My planned posts were not written or published, my ideas vanished, my brain shut off and all I could do is live life without a computer on. I was busy, and lazy at the same time as I had not felt the urge to write. It is not that I intended to take a week off; it just happened. Honestly, I didn't miss it. Oops, what? Yes, you read right. I miss the community and I miss the various topics I come across when reading but for this one week I didn't feel anything was missing. In a way, this is a good thing. I need this. It was an unplanned vacation without going anywhere. 

With this big rain storm hitting my area {hallelujah!} I decided to sit back, read, and write again. Now, since I completely ignored the blog world for a week, I decided to share with you my highlights of the week today. Every week I link up with two wonderful bloggers sharing what made them happy. I'm going to do this right now. This beautiful rainy day inspired let's see what made me happy this week:
1. Kitty shenanigans
2. Therapy session {not ashamed to admit this; plus it's ending soon}
3. Quick meetup with family
4. Whiter teeth
5. Snapchat
6. Conversations with like-minded friends
7. Tator tot bake {recipe following soon}
8. Improvement with my neck and shoulder
9. House of Cards
10. Essential oils and their astonishing power

This rain storm is quite beautiful. The car gets a free wash, warm drinks are a must and I can work on everything I put off for a while. I'm a happy woman. Let's see how next week goes. I don't want another blog vacation but you never know what next week has in store. It's time to link up my post with Krysten and Lindsay and finish staring at the gray clouds. 

Have an amazing weekend.



Mackenzie Glanville said...

oh reading this makes me wish to see it rain, to smell that sweet rain smell in the air and listen to it on my roof. It has been so hot here lately and we have had no rain for quite a while. #10thingsthatmademehappy

Tobia Nooke said...

Rain is wonderful but only when it's above 10 degree celcius or below 0. Otherwise I hate it...
I so know what you mean with not feeling the urge to write. I somehow have neglected my blog for months now and I am having a tough time getting the creative juices flowing.
Have a great Sunday, Tobia

Emily said...

I love the rain. It's so calming. I don't use essential oils, but have been considering it. I always hear such great things about it.

The Flynnigans said...

Sometimes in life you just need to unplug and unwind.
Glad to hear it rained, you guys need all you can get...
I'm starting therapy again. It's for the better. And I'm kinda looking forward to it.
I hope you had a great weekend love, mine was wicked busy with pet and I'm kinda glad it's over. ;) Xoxo


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