March 8, 2016

Find Happiness, Stay Positive - 20 Ideas

Happiness is so crucial in life. I believe in finding happiness wherever I go or whatever I do. My word this year is happiness so I strive really hard to find that piece of mind, that moment that makes me smile and feel content, well, happy.

Here's 20 ideas on how to find that happiness and stay positive; even in the darkest moments:

1. Hold the door open for someone.
2. Wear something new or something you haven't worn in a while and love.
3. Listen to your favorite song {old or new, happy or sad doesn't matter}.
4. Eat your favorite food.
5. Buy that bag you always wanted.
6. Take a you-day. You deserve it.
7. Slow down and let a few cars in.
8. Wear that perfume or cologne {even when you stay home}.
9. Tell someone you are happy they are in your life.
10. Try something new {new coffee order, new recipe, new nail color, new hobby, etc}.
11. Smile.
12. Bake something.
13. Explore a new part of your town.
14. Dance in the rain.
15. Help someone.
16. Stay off social media for one full day {yes!!}.
17. Cuddle with your pet, your stuffed animal, your children, and your partner.
18. Work out.
19. Go to a park and take a walk, look at flowers and trees.
20. Be kind.

It is easy to find happiness. It is the little things that should enhance everyone's life. Every week I try to smile at one person in particular. He doesn't know me. I know he always looks sad, mad, or what not. My job is to make him once smile back. I haven't been successful yet. He's a professor and looks incredibly grumpy. Actually he looks grumpier when I smile at him. I hope one day he finds the strength to find happiness and returns the smile. I also hold the door open when there is a person behind or in front of about to go through the same door. Some thank me, others do not. Kindness leads to happiness. The more we share that kindness, the more we spread it and happiness blossoms. At least this is how I look at it. If we aren't kind, if we don't take the plunge and work on that one good deed per day we will never be fully satisfied with the day, life, and everything else. Find that happiness, work on it, and stay positive. It only takes one good action. 

What have you done today that made you happy?


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Tobia Nooke said...

To find happiness is so hard. Many times I am not happy. That is why I started journaling this year and I wrote down 3 things that made me happy every day. It is tough and many times I sit there I can't come up with any moments. But thinking about it helps. I might incorporate a few of your ides into my days. Thanks for sharing the list.
Happy Sunday, Tobia


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