December 28, 2009

I'm back!

So, even though I posted quick blog entries over the past few days I wasn't really here. Yes, I was here. No weird person was posting stuff - don't worry. I wasn't really able to read all your awesome Christmas and holiday posts and comment on them, but now I'm slowly catching up. If you didn't hear from me it was just because I wasn't really around and in the mood to do anything, really, except for a few times when I posted things and then after that I mainly tried to relax and get away from the internet.

In other is Monday...normally it's TV night but since it's practically the holiday week they never show anything "normal" on TV. I'm not sad about this, because I went to the movies!!!! Yes, I did. It's been a while and I'm so glad I went. Which one?!

As I was telling a few of you, I wasn't really gonna watch it. I was so against it I totally forgot it was even still showing. Not really a fan of James Cameron although he's some sort of a genius when it comes to movie making, and I'm not really a fan of huge budget movies either. However, I've read so many good reviews, and so many recommendations I slowly started to like the idea of going. Slowly, in like maybe three months from now?! But then my friend asks me to go and I started reading more about the movie and read what you all had to say and then I was like "OK, why not!" So, about twenty minutes before I was picked up I read Heather's blog and how she watched it with her husband. Her thoughts beforehand were similar to mine and at the end she says "I LOVED it!". This was a sign...a sign I did the right thing to say yes to my friend and yes to that movie. And let me tell you one thing...I LOVED it!!!!! Plus, nothing can beat 3D. So glad we went and watched it. :)  If you haven't seen it, go watch it in 3D. It's gonna be amazing and not at all what you may have heard or read.
*quick side note...and well, I now have my own pair of 3D glasses!!!*

And oh so yes, I gave myself a little Christmas gift!
Apparently mom wanted to give me this on my birthday (6 months from now) but I couldn't wait. I told her that I am trying to live life now and not then, because unfortunately we can't foresee what's going to happen...we might not be able to buy this in six months or we might not be around...who knows. Live now, and nothing else!!! Harsh? Maybe. But maybe not!
Here's what I got like less than five minutes! Went to the city, got into the store, told them what I wanted and I was out and about with a very huge smile on my face!

And if you were wondering why I wanted a strawberry dangling down my neck...well, first, I love strawberries, their color and their sweet taste, and'll always remind me of Oxnard!!!!!  ;-)

Happy Monday.



Sara said...

I should go watch it!! Everyone is recommending it! I love the pendant!

Marissa said...

Avatar was by far one of the best movies i've seen this year :)

my name is lauren. said...

i think i may have to watch it. my husband really wanted to, but i thought it looked super lame. maybe i'll have to give this movie the benefit of the doubt.

J-Diggety said...

Avatar kicked some serious ass, much to my pleasant surprise as well :) I also saw it in 3-D, which was BOMB!

Nine rocked my world. Go see it!!

xoxo J

Katie said...

that strawberry is adorable!

Carol said...

My friends loved it too! It doesn't look like something I would normally like, but I think I'll have to check it out.

Elizabeth Marie said...

Everyone is going crazy over this movie! I guess I should check it out.

Strawberries are the best. Seriously. Good choice :)

Jessica said...

James Cameron always reminds me of his hit movie Titanic. Of course, that's where I found my first love (LEO). Haha. I've heard so many good things about Avatar, and now you're saying that you loved it, so it must be a really good film! I will definitely watch it!

Happy New Year, Selma! :)

Crazy Shenanigans said...

I've heard really mixed reviews about this movie. I'm glad that you really loved it! I might have to check it out!

Anonymous said...

sean and i are thinking of going and seeing parents just came over and had just seen the movie. they loved it, so i think we may have to give it a shot! and i love the strawberry necklace you got! so cute!


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