December 29, 2009

Three More Days!

This year flew!!! In three days we're having to say good-bye to the year of 2009 and slowly tell our brains to start using 2010!!! Wow! Years ago this date seemed so odd, and so far away and now? It's basically around the corner.

Are you excited?!
Do you have any particular plans for New Year's?!
Me?! Not so much. At first I thought I did, then they got cancelled or whatever, and then I wanted to keep it all low and stay home and wallow in self pity but got then two invitations...and now I'm kinda struggling. But I think now I know which "party" I'm going to attend. It's just going to be a get together with friends which is cool too. Plus, we're now hoping for some snow - just like last year!!!

Though since I'm in need of some fun stuff...winter inspiration! ;)

Hope you're having a fabulous day!!!



Kelly said...

I hope you have a great New Year's Eve! I'm not big into NYE, in my past NYE's, everyone always seems to go too crazy and start drama... I'd rather relax and drink some wine at home and watch the ball drop in Time Square :-)

Crazy Shenanigans said...

I am very excited about the new year coming!

J-Diggety said...

I heart nye like nobody's biz!! I'll be hanging with the BF and friends at a low-key house party :) Good times!!

xoxo J

Katie said...

that picture of the baby making a snow angle is so freaking cute! It literally made me laugh out loud haha

samnhal said...

I'm also struggling with what to do for new years eve. I'm so excited. It's been snowing here all day, so I will send you our snow thoughts.

Haddock said...

Every year its the same isn't it.
Once the Xmas spirit dies down we wait for the new year.
Like that pic of the child sitting on the pier.

Anonymous said...

haha i love these pictures! and i hope that you have fun at whichever party you decide to go to! i am not sure what we are going to do yet! we may host a little dinner and watch movies and play games..nothing too exciting but still fun :)


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