December 20, 2009

Keep Life Beautiful

My week was, as you may have read, a bit appointment with my dental hygienist turned out not as hoped. She didn't hit a nerve, nor loosened a filling (I don't have any! - Thank you, I've always loved cleaning my teeth. Truth!), but my gums had been swollen for whatever reason, and well her cleaning (even carefully) made it worse. The pain went to my ears and then to my head and voila...Selma was in pain. Lots of it actually. The best remedy of it all was to stay in bed and rest, literally!! I had never slept this much in weeks. Crazy. Loved it though.'s all gone now. I feel like a newborn, all fresh, vivid, and full of desire to conquer the world again! I'm back! Half way, but I'm definitely back!!!

Friday evening was okay...lots of talking, and lots of food. I got to read a couple of your comments (ah, you are all so very sweet), and more blogs and all, and then I had to go to bed. Time for my body to rest. :)
Saturday was a good day...woke up, cleaned a bit, and night I went out (woohoo!!!!) to meet only 10 of my friends. I call them friends, but honestly we meet like once a year. We're lucky if we see each other more than that, which in my eyes is incredibly sad. So, basically I should call them sort-of-friends?! Or what would you call them?! All of them I met about five years ago on New Year's Eve. Two of my friends made sure I went with them to some party and that's how we all met. Actually nice. There are a few of these people I occasionally meet for some fun movie times or when there's a festival in town (and when I'm actually in town, too). Other than that, we don't get together at all unless it's Christmas time and well, now it was that evening again. It's basically an evening with five girls, and about 15 guys...always lots of fun. This time it was just less people...two were sunbaking somewhere nice and warm, others were sick, in the hospital, or celebrating a quick wedding (that was a shocker!). The whole evening though was quite interesting. Right before we met it started snowing, and that beautifully. Temps went down like crazy and we spent time outside, having fun sort of baking dough, and being silly. Dinner was awesome. Expensive, but awesome! Great conversations, great people, freezing night...but hey, it was all worth it. Plus, I got a ride home so I didn't have to worry about taking the bus first, then the last train, and then walking through all the snow. And let me tell you one thing, that's a lot of snow for a place like this one here.

Well, and now it's Sunday...time to relax and look back at what has been an adventurous week; so to speak. I watched some fun Christmas movies, suffered some horrible headache, got to enjoy some eye candy, enjoyed the snow falling onto me, and learned quite some new things about myself and about three of my favorite subjects (English, History, and German). My saying is always have to learn at least one new thing per day. Whatever that may be. I sure had an interesting week.

Now it's time to have a girls' afternoon...watching one of my all time favorite movies! Gone with the Wind. Corny I know, but I was like six when I watched it for the first time (early I know) and it's been part of me ever since (oh boy, that sure sounds corny)! I love that time (as awful as it was) and it just fascinates me in any possible way...I can't control the attraction. I used to watch this about once a week when I was little. Now? Once or twice a year maybe. It depends. Though well...let me not go into details now. Can't wait to watch it. :D Yay!

It's beautiful outside...everything's covered in snow, blue sky and some sun...that's what I call winter! Brrrr...
And yes, just checked temperatures...yay on freakin' cold 9F (max to 20F today) NOT.

Happy Sunday.


P.s. Hello to my new followers, and all those that are waiting for an anwer or comment...I'm working on much to catch up on


Crazy Shenanigans said...

Enjoy relaxing and your movie!

Marissa said...

I am a new follower and I must say I love your blog :)

Mara said...

I love Gone with the Wind! Have fun!


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