December 30, 2009

Bye 2009

The end is near...and 2010 will have started before we know it.
Did you like this past year?! Or are you happy it's over?!
Either way, this year had its ups and downs. Every year has that. Thankfully. It would be boring otherwise.

What I liked about this year?!
Lots of things.
I also disliked so many other things I rather stick to the good stuff.
I wonder why this year sucked, for me, personally, spiritually, physically, and well emtionally.
Maybe it was time to have all that in my life. At a very wrong time but hey, it's part of life so I'm guessing whatever I had to go through and actually went through and did has some sort of future super outcome for me, and I will look back and laugh like a crazy person because whatever I think I went through this year was literally nothing. I tend to overdo things and see the worst in so many people and situations. I can't see the good stuff. I used to and wonder where all that went to. Then again, as I said, it's part of life. I'm dealing with it and that's about it.
So, before I start rambling on how awful I've been feeling over the past months, honestly, years, I better stop and list (in no particular order) the happy moments 2009 had in store for me. Yeah!!!! Stay positive Selma, stay positive!!






It was definitely great to visit Barcelona, meet family and friends again in and around Istanbul, Philadelphia, New Haven and Los Angeles.

My friend's wedding

Going on a spontaneous trip to Italy (even just for one day)

Seeing my cousins again (in Philly, in New Haven, and in Istanbul)
It's actually neat to have family all over the world!

Seeing one of my best friend's again (after so many freakin' years!!!!) 

Don't remember what we were looking at or what was so funny but I love this picture.

Playing with my friend's little daughter (can't believe she's a mommy now!)

Getting a Christmas card from a friend, telling me she's expecting a baby and it's due like today! I'm gonna spoil that kid with all kinds of stuff! :)


Being in and around Los Angeles

Shopping (how lame, but it literally makes me happy)
I don't have to go overboard and spend ridiculous amounts of money. I love to have a budget and limit myself in a hopefully timely fashion. Ha!!! So far I've been a good girl, trying to spend money but not trying to go out there and go crazy...although if you saw me going in and out certain stores at the mall for might want to tell me to rewrite this again... ;)


Ridiculous TV shows that distract me and take me into another time/era/life
Can't help it. I'm addicted!!! I love reruns, too...but the current shows have something special...
...can't wait for Season 3 of True Blood, more Brothers & Sisters, Gossip Girl, LOST, Heroes, and HIMYM...and oh boy, so many more. Hopefully I have time to watch them all next year. I don't record them; can't I either watch them on TV or try to catch up online. So exciting!!!

Inspiring books of 2009

I definitely need to read more next year. If you have any suggestions whatsoever, let me know :) I'm more than happy to know which books inspired you, or are on your shelf and you so desperately want to share your ideas and all...I read pretty much everything...currently reading The Little Book by Selden Edwards, and Secrets to Happiness by Sarah Dunn. Can't say much about either one so far though. I just started.

There is plenty more to this list like music, my health (at times), money coming in, movies, and such but for right now this is it!! :) 2009 you are pretty much over by less than 48 hours (on my side of the world).

2009 you could have been better, but let's be frank, you could have been a lot worse, too.
I'm trying to look forward to a new year, a new start, a new everything...trying!!!
So, 2009 enjoy your last hours, and let us all start the new year beautifully with lots of positive spirit and happpiness.

Not sure if I'm able to post anything tomorrow, New Year's Eve, so in case I'm not...just want to wish you all a wonderful last day of this year and an even more terrific start into the new one.



Marissa said...

This has been a good year!

Katie said...

Such a good recap! Happy New Years Eve to you too!!

Jen Kucsak said...

Happy new year! More good things to come in 2010

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Looks and sounds like you had an amazing year!!!!


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