May 23, 2010

11 Days and Not Happy About It

Yes, soon I'm going to turn one year older (and less wiser I'm sure). Am I excited?! Nope. Sure, it's my birthday and I love birthdays, especially my own!!! Granted, this sounds conceited but come on (!), don't we all love our own very special day???!! I bet we do. On Birthday-Morning I always wake up relaxed, happy, refreshed and just ready for the day. The feeling is different. No crazy thoughts, no hectic in my mind...just a blessed feeling of being utterly happy.
This year, I keep my fingers crossed...I wanna wake up as happy as I did in the past few years...and not think about the new number on my back, not think about whatever I didn't accomplish but rather think of what I've accomplished so far and will accomplish in the next few months. Radical changes need to happen. I'm done pitying my life, and situation and even though a lot of people around me don't seem to understand and see what I'm feeling and seeing I'm going to ignore them and go for whatever I think is right for me. :) Kind of sounds as if I'm repeating myself but it's what it is. I can't please others before I'm not pleasing myself (no visuals intented here...ha! but I know how that last sentence sounded!).
So, to embrace the weekend and look sort of forward to my big day I found some pics for inspiration... ;)
All from my fave site of course: We ♥ It

wish I could dress up one day and have a big party!
...just like that! Less balloons though because they freak me out!
For years I've wanted a cake on my birthday!!!!
Will it happen this year??!!!!
or cupcakes will do the trick too!

So keep your fingers crossed...I sure will hope for some sweet stuff on my actual day!!
Good thing about that day...I took time off from work so I won't have to drag myself over there and deal with all kinds of craziness! Clever me!! ;) No party is planned, just a few friends coming (hopefully!) together for a drink or two. Originally, I wanted to ditch my birthday all together and spend it in Istanbul *in my fave restaurant* or in Paris *with a few close friends* or leave everyone and just wallow in self-pity and self-misery somewhere all by myself. Ha!!!  But Paris I'm trying to squeeze in soon...hopefully.

Ok, wishing everyone a wonderful rest of the weekend.



Meghan said...

I hope that you have a marvelous birthday when it arrives!!! A quiet night with good friends sounds like the perfect plan!

Where are you living in Europe??? (Sorry, I am a new reader) I ask because I am going to Europe for the first time in June and might pick your brain for some advice if that's ok!

samnhal said...

Lets go to Paris for our birthdays since they are so close together!! I think that sounds like a fantastic idea. I would send you a cake, but you live so far away! I'll be coming back from Yellowstone on my birthday, so I hope I'm not dead tired and can enjoy the day after camping for a weekend.

Jenni said...

Corssing my fingers you get a delicious cake!!!!!!
PS-I'm having a giveaway on my blog for a beautiful carafe!

Kristin said...

I hope you can find some joy in your bday lady! Cupcakes and bubbly definitely always help me!

OceanDreams said...

Hang in there love, there are people who love you for you, like me and your bloggy friends! I hope you are able to get together with your closer friends and have a wonderful time, xoxo!

Kinsey Michaels said...

Aww all, those birthday pics are the best, especially those sweet cupcakes! Hope you have a fab birthday!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

All of those cake pictures are making me hungry! I think that balloon room looks awesome! I hope you have a wonderful Birthday!


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