May 21, 2010


Never thought I'd be soooo looking forward to this weekend. Not that I have anything planned. If I had I'd be more thrilled, but at least it's one more day of work and two days off work and trust me, I am super excited.
Do I have plans?! Hmmm...let me see...

1. Do much-needed laundry
2. Color my nails
3. Sleep in, and pamper myself (a girl deserves this from time to time)
4. Go the movies (finally, Dear John!)
5. Write a letter
6. Pay one credit card bill
7. Enjoy the predicted sunshine

So, hopefully I can accomplish everything on my tiny list.

But before that, I'm going back to work today. I was frustrated yesterday. I felt like a teacher correcting everyone's mistakes. I'm not a genius and I also make mistakes (heck, we all do) but it pisses me off when I'm the one being blamed all the time and yelled at for nothing specific but using a pencil instead of a pen whereas they are making horrible mistakes with enormous outcomes. I was pissed. And Thursday wasn't much fun. Friday?! Let's see how that goes.
But again...before I go back I'm catching up on this blog world...I received two awards and I wanna share these with you. Normally I'm not good at this, but today I just thought I'd give it a try and work on this so it's not going to be piled up like crazy. ;)

The wonderful Katie over at The Adventures of Katie and Josh gave me these awards:

 I have to list 10 things I let's get started:

1. Life
2. My family
3. My friends
4. Traveling
5. Shopping
6. Sunshine all year round (incl. the warm temps!)
7. Reading
8. Relaxing on the coach
9. Movies (and some TV shows)
10. Freshly brewed coffee

Now, I'm supposed to nominated 10 awesome bloggers...and well, I've done this so many times I'm gonna skip this now. You all deserve this, and if you want to, you can grab it and claim I gave it to you and post it, too. Do it now! ;)

The second award is the following cutie:

And here are no rules attached just that I need to nominate ten bloggers again. I think I'm gonna skip this one too and let you grab it if you like this cute little sweet blog bear. I sure do.

Thank you Katie, you rock girl!!!! :)

Yes, I'm lazy but oh well. We all are at some point in life or day. Today is my very lazy day. I'm still in my PJ's and should get ready in two hours...grrrrrrrrrr....looking outside, I'd rather stay home curled up in my bed. One more day, one more day...let's hope my umbrella stays in my bag today!!! :)

Have a great Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



♥ Katinka said...

Have a fab weekend :) you deserve it!!!! :)

Meghan said...

Congrats on your awards!!! And thanks for the birthday wishes - you are so sweet:) I hope you have a wonderful, relaxing weekend - it sounds heavenly!!!

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

Great list! Have a wonderful weekend!

Katie said...

you are so welcome!! Happy Weekend and I hope you get all of your stuff done! Good luck snagging a washer and dryer!!

stephanieee said...

sounds like an awesome weekend! hope you're enjoying it!


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