May 10, 2010

Happy Monday

Happy Monday!

Hope you all had a great weekend!
Mine was fabulous...I spent Saturday outside in the woods to celebrate my friend's big birthday. The weather was on our side, too. No rain, just beautiful sunshine, a few clouds, strong cold wind...but it was still a wonderful day. :) Spent Saturday night at home. I tried to keep myself warm and cozy. Sounds weird now. I just felt cold all day long and I was wearing warm clothes. Not sure what that's all about. My circulation might be off...who knows. Either way, I was cold and felt cold throughout the weekend. Bummer. Then again, Sunday I spent with mom for a while and then spent hours on my taxes. Yes, I was doing them myself. They were due end of April but I asked for an extension due to my traveling and all. So, I look at it as a great weekend...staying home trying to sleep in and staying warm...and doing taxes. :)
And well, we had some slight drama at home. My cousin was supposed to be visiting us next week but we sort of met yesterday due to her flight drama. In New York she wasn't able to take off as scheduled. No one really knows why the flight was five hours delayed but it was. So naturally, her connecting flight in London wasn't there anymore. They booked her onto different flights at horrible hours, whereas she landed here at 9.45pm. So normally going out of the airport and onto the train doesn't take that long but as we all know...yes, something else must have happened...her luggage wasn't there. Of course! So, that took longer too and she ended up coming to my city at 12.30am. I picked her up at the train station. If I had had a car I would have driven to the airport but I don't have one so no. Plus, having her stay at my place was the most logical thing. She needed to get up today at 5.30am again in order to catch her 6.18 train to another city (where she's orginially heading for conferences and presentations) so I'm hoping everything else went smoothly. She was on the right train this morning. I made sure. :) But yes, Sunday was a fab day...filled with nothing but excitement. And yes, I had to loan her some of my clothes too...who knows if she gets her luggage on Tuesday?! They always say Tuesday but it's usually Thursday. Ha!

To start this week I thought I'd go for more pictures from my recent trip.
It just got to me that I've been back for nine solid days. Time sure flies. It scares me too. Why oh why is time rushing us?! Slow down please!!!!! But well, let's skip the begging and contemplating, and head on over to the picture part, shall we?!

From top to bottom: Caeser's Palace in Atlantic City *pic taken on a glass/window bridge*, inside of the hotel including the giant tennis balls, a giant jelly-bean elephant in a candy store, buildings and statues throughout old city/society hill in Philly, and the last one is the fountain at Logan Square...right before that guy there *in the white shirt* jumped into the fountain. Oh yes he did!
More pictures to come.
I'm just trying to to overload stuff or shock your eyes each time. I could literally upload like 88 pictures at once. ;)

Happy Monday everyone!



Unknown said...

That's so awful about her flights. I bet she was so done by the time she reached her destination. Luggage can be the worst! When we didn't make it onto our plane in NYC they promised our luggage wouldn't go without did. All of my husband clothes were in the DR while we were in NYC. Good thing I had a carry on with most of the stuff. That's the worst. At least you got to see her for a little bit? Love the pictures. That building is so cool.

Jess said...

That jellybean elephant is SO cool! Looks like you got to visit a lot of fun sites—thanks for sharing!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I am always completely paranoid about my bag making it! I hope she gets it soon!

Katinka said...

I've been so bad at leaving comments lately but I read your blog daily!!! I promise :) have a great day, hun!!!

Katie said...

I love that old house!


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